The Temple
By angelmom
12/6/2010 3:46:25 PM
We have truly celebrated a new beginning in many different ways. We started with changing our anniversary date, next we re-dedicated our home to the Lord with a special prayer with each family member bearing testimony, and today my "new" husband and I went to the Temple and preformed sealings. It was a beautiful day! (BTW, all your online names were placed on the prayer roll...even anons)

It was so great to be in the Temple with my sweetheart. It has been a few months and it was a great way for us to celebrate our new life together by going back to the Temple together with a renewed commitment to our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ. Barm does not even look at me the same. He has a new love and appreciation for me. I believe he learned in his heart that he loves me more than he loves himself or his addiction, as it shows in his actions.

I am learning to shed the pain of the past, but it is going to take some time. BARM is doing all he can to help me by holding me while I grieve. He keeps asking me what he can do to help me. All I can say is that he is doing it. He has learned so much and is teaching me so much. He expects nothing from me other than to lean on him and allow him to help me overcome the damage he has done. This is a beautiful blessing I wish upon all wives on this post.

The Temple is where heaven and earth meet and I know that as Ezekiel describes, the more we attend, the more we learn about our Father's plan for us. Today was a gift! All days are a gift, but today was extra special.

Healing and answers are found in the Temple.

My prayer is that all addicts will look to the House of the Lord as a major incentive for sobriety. When entered in worthily, you cannot feel the adversary as you are literally protected by the Lord's Angels who stand as sentinels at its very gates.

My prayers are with addicts and spouses as we reach for all that the Lord wants us to be.



On My Way    
"Headed there, give me like a month and I'll be joining you guys in there."
posted at 15:50:23 on December 6, 2010 by Preemie
Help from the other side    
"I guess we better get busy with our family on the other side. Baptisms galore.

I feel the pull and am on it, can you help me? :)... I believe that this side and the other side of the vail are interconnected and as we help them, they will help us...

posted at 16:20:56 on December 6, 2010 by Anonymous
Looking forward to it    
"I look forward to being able to go. I put a picture of the temple on my monitor at work when I was trying to get out of the worst of my acting out. I think that was a big part of my depression when I started this last relapse. I felt like I had been close to going to the temple and blew it. I felt like it was a long off goal again. I still do kind of feel that way. Like the temple is something that is so far away. I guess it's not going to get any closer though without building some sobriety. One of the things I love about my ARP meeting is that it is right next to the temple, so I get to see the temple and remember part of why I'm trying to stay sober. I take my youngest for walks around the temple sometimes too. Someday I'm going to get there dang it!"
posted at 19:12:45 on December 6, 2010 by dstanley
The Temple    
Thank you. We have several names we have been working on for quite some time. Many of them are ready for sealings. We are waiting and saving those for when my husband can enter in again.
Preemie. Awesome ! Just Awesome!

dstanley - how close are you to a physical temple? On the weekend I found out about my husband - I went to my friends house. On the way I passed the Manti Temple. I stopped and "touched the temple" as President Monson has spoken of. It was a beautiful thing for me, especially because at that time My "Priesthood leader" told me I could not enter.

Thank you all
posted at 12:01:48 on December 7, 2010 by 4intow
"I haven't been to the temple for over 25 years and that was during my mission. My wife has never been. because of guilt and broken promises I was believing that I would never again enter the temple. Angelmom, you have me thinking again that it is possible, that I could go backe to the temple and be sealed to my wife. I'm just now 28 days into sobriety, but I'm changed. The atonment is working because i'm finally letting it work. I realize that major healing has to take place with my wife too. But, atleast she is still by my side and I have a chance.

"I'ts not about your scars, I'ts all about your heart""
posted at 14:29:25 on December 7, 2010 by mangaso
Go for it!!!    
"Oh, Mangaso, make it a reality! Make it a goal! Don't take your eye off of it. Put temple pictures around the house and invite your wife to prepare herself with you. Set a date and make it happen!!"
posted at 18:26:25 on December 7, 2010 by BeClean
I Love to See the Temple.....    
"That beautiful Primary hymn, and Families Can Be Together Forever! Play them in your home and in your car. Sing them.
Before my husband and I were sealed I was the Primary Chorister. I taught those songs to the primary children when they were first introduced. (giving my age away) :) They helped me stay committed when many obstacles were put in our path. I still weep today when I hear the children sing those songs. I weep tears of thankfulness for the blessings of the temple. I lived 20 years in a marriage without those blessings. I have live 20+ years with the blessings. There is no comparison to what my life has become because of the blessings received from living and honoring those covenants.

Your wife will heal as she see by your actions that you are healing. Treat her like the Queen you want her to become. She will become your Queen.

posted at 19:11:36 on December 7, 2010 by Anonymous
"I'm about 20 minutes away from the Seattle temple. My stake center is right next door to it. Right after I was baptized I got to go and do baptisms for the dead. It was an awesome experience. I want so badly to do my grandma's work. Especially after I found out that someone did my grandpa's work and her parents'. I'm going to get there dang it. No more screwing up."
posted at 00:43:21 on December 8, 2010 by dstanley

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