Addicted Again
By Stephen99
11/29/2010 1:04:16 AM
Recently i have found myself again in the same situation. My wife threatening to leave me, me getting depressed, me promising to change my life and the want and desire to change. Last year was the first time I told my wife i look at pornography and she was devastated she told me that the reason she married me was because she knew i wasn't addicted to pornography. I promised her I would quit and one year later i am in the same situation. I wish I could just quit thats it thats all but then an argument or a bad day comes along and it happens again.
I have talked to my bishop and only gone to the support group once I am going to start going again and keep going. I have to kick this habit. It has been the most challenging thing in my life. I am starting this blog because i need support because doing it on my own has never worked.
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"I used to look at um (meeting) as get in, get over it, and get the hell out. Now years latter, never having lost enough till this last year I suppose, I just finished 91 meetings in 90 days. I could go on and on but the only thing I really felt to tell you about is one day during a meeting while observing the people and feeling His spirit and light there it dawned on me "this is the place and these are the people the Savoir hung with in His life...this is where He is now...'art thou greater then He?'" There is no place i'd rather be and no people i'd rather be among."
posted at 02:56:17 on November 29, 2010 by They Speak
Go For Recovery! You can be Free!    
"Recovery is not free though. It takes work, hard work, commitment, time, energy.

Excerpt from the Fina Freedom: D. Weiss

Freedom from sexual addiction has some basic principles that when applied help the sexual addict sustain his recovery program. Early recovery is not simply understanding the facts, nor is early recovery simply talking about sexual addiction. Recovery goes much deeper
than simply talking about what was done in the past. Many Christians may talk about getting better. The Prodigal Son, who was probably a sex addict, did not get better or become restored once he realized he was in a bad condition. He had to consistently walk back to receive the
blessings of his freedom after weeks or months of walking. Then the party started, not before. The Five Commandments are simple and can be put up on your wall or mirror at home. Write the commandments down, and check off if you have done them today, this week, this
month and the first 90 days. The behavioral checklist assures you are putting behavioral steps toward recovery, as opposed to just coming to an understanding about sexual addiction. Coming to an understanding is not the only answer for the addict. You may have been in pain for
years and possibly have had behaviors you have repeated hundreds of times. It is for this reason the Five Commandments, when put in place, can provide an action plan, so you can begin to
arrest the addiction you may have been struggling with for so long.

1. Pray in the morning.(Plead for help during the day)
2. Read recovery literature and scriptures daily.
3. Call someone in recovery daily.(sponsor or accountability person, not your wife)
4. Meetings - Attend Twelve-Step Meetings
5. Pray again and thank God for sobriety.
When it comes to recovery, remember only believe your behaviors. Don’t talk yourself into believing if you feel free, you are.

Prayers for you and your family."
posted at 17:25:12 on November 29, 2010 by byourownhero
"Not much to say other than I know how you feel.
My wife also married me for those reasons (thought I was the hunk of her life - no go)
Anyway I broke her heart and have been finding ways to help her heal. It is not easy but I know that she cannot heal if you cannot be clean. Dabble with the crap and you inherit crap.
Sounds so familiar.

Just do the basics right and ask the savior to root out the desire. He can he has done that and I promise you it is possible to never have an incling of a desire for that crap.

Call on the master plumber, best of all he does such a great job for no charge at all. The price is to call and make sure he arrives.

I think its time to flush this post

****Speak where are you when I need you!!!****"
posted at 19:33:52 on November 29, 2010 by ruggaexpat

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"The excuse is given that it is hard to avoid, that it is right at our fingertips and there is no escape. Suppose a storm is raging and the winds howl and the snow swirls about you. You find yourself unable to stop it. But you can dress properly and seek shelter, and the storm will have no effect upon you. Likewise, even though the Internet is saturated with material, you do not have to watch it. You can retreat to the shelter of the gospel and its teaching of cleanliness and virtue and purity of life. "

— Gordon B. Hinckley

General Conference, October 2004