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11/18/2010 5:29:19 PM
Well for anyone that read my ultra long blog of working the recovery manual you’ll find I had some pressing questions about the power of God. What in the Hades is the power of God! I felt like im sure some men must have felt about lighting. What is this strange powerful force that I can see/feel/sense and witness? Can I use it? Can it be harnessed? Consistently? The ultimate question I suppose I’ve been asking is what are the laws that govern this power? Here’s what I’ve come to so far. I still feel like I’m in the observation stage of this art/science. Nevertheless I think I’m making head way.
In my step work I (p.s. I couldn’t concentrate to save my life for the last 4 hours and after I prayed I believe im working even now by the power of God, only, over my utter ADD powerlessness) I mentioned “what manner of man is this that even the winds and the seas obey Him?” I pondered on that often for a day and half. What is Gods power? There seemed in my step work to be a common thread of the Spirit and Light of Christ manifest in the natural world and my mind had cause to consider this flow and pattern. I liked the fact that this “what manner of man” kept coming up because of its connection to nature. So I watched the finding faith in Chirst. As Christ raised His arm and said “Peace. Be still.” I believe the Spirit bore witness to me that the elements love Him. He loves them. He is their God because they respond to love. And it made sense to me why like Alma teaches Korihor that all these thing witness that there is a Supreme Creator. They love Him and love to bare witness of His power; love. There was little doubt in my mind save only that I was semi unconscious of what the Spirit was telling me as is often the case. I must listen. I went about somewhat in a state of non-acknowledgment concerning what I had learned. I am slow to interpret and except spiritual testimony.
I kept thinking and pondering on power. How do I use it? What unlocks it? I thought it needs to be something simple. Genius is simple. I reviewed the simplest scriptures. Pray. Really that was all I could come up with. Still what was the power of God manifest? In my own life. The Spirit, nature and many holy writings including my own religions had shown me that the power of God was love sure though still at this point I hadn’t surrendered completely to this simple truth and kept searching my mind and heart. But how in more practical terms had I witnessed the power of God? Like the power of electricity. I flip the switch I see light. Had I flipped the spiritual switch? What did the light look like?
I went to a meeting. I mentioned my question. Though we we’re on step 11 it turned into a step 2 meeting. Everyone wanted to talk about the power of God. Everyone conceded defeat when it came to exactly putting their finger on what the power of God is. But everyone could tell me how it was manifest in their life. Many had story’s much like that of Just Johns house being run into with a truck. Too much coincidence to deny Design. The Spirit was there and I knew they were not just speculating on how God had manifest His power in their life but that they were indeed baring witness of the truth. One that I liked was a guy said his wife was happy for the first time in forever. To him that was the power of God. Still I thought “yeah, I have similar stories that I trust is God working in my life. But what is the power of God. And as, if not more, important how do I obtain or use that power. How do I turn on the light??? How do I be born again and again and again.” Then the last addict spoke. I don’t remember much of what he said except that he said to him the power of God seems to work as he recognizes his own powerlessness. The switch! Then a burst of thought and intelligence flashed through my mind. It was if I could see everyone’s story’s including my own and it was overwhelmingly clear that in every case not a single credit of power or control could be attributed to anyone but God. We had all done nothing. God flips on the switch. Not me. As I recognize that (step one) He seems more willing. But it is His business. The saving business.
I realized my story is not all too much different than Lehi’s. A man in white rob came and stood before him and bid him to follow. After he had followed for the space of many hours he found himself in a dark and dreary waste. Oh how in my attempts to follow the Son of God did I find myself in a dark and dreary waist. Utter darkness! Lehi began to pray that God would have mercy on him according to the multitude of His tender mercy. He was powerless. Then God showed forth the Light. Lehi saw the tree of life. The tree who’s fruit was desirable to make one happy. The love of God which sheddeth itself abroad to hearts of the children of men. Such a rad story! But in all cases it was God doing the work. Even as Lehi tried to follow he failed to come up with the power necessary to produce much other than finding himself in darkness. He prayed but God showed him the Light gave him the Light and the desire to give the Light to his family. Lehi did nothing. Just like I do nothing. No matter how righteous I want to be or try to be. Just like everybody’s story in that room. If they take a serious account or better yet have the spirit show them they would see and probably more the willingly concede that they did nothing. God did it all! Ha! Even my willingness is a gift from God and I could probly trace it back to even a practical event where God blessed me. It doesn’t always have to be metaphysical or whatever though I think it is a lot. Anyway I just couldn’t get this out of my mind. Even when I do something it’s not my power but God’s. Quit worrying when I’m darkness. Even self imposed through transgression. Has he ever left you Cody? Come on dog! I’m nothing at the tree just like I’m nothing in darkness and if will save me let Him. Get out of the way.
Well, then the missionary spoke and sealed the deal. He said “to me the power of God is love.” My hunch was confirmed. I heard little else he said. The electrical current, the power, of God is love. It manifests in the little to large miracles of light and life (He is the life after all). His power is what moves and persuades through all things. And we turn on the switch by, as Morni exhorts us, praying for charity (its not just the pure love of Christ but the pure love for Christ. Cyclical. Power!) after recognizing like Lehi that we are all in the proverbial eternal powerlessness of darkness. Now behold the tree.
I think I can take step 2!
p.s. still unsure how that translates into the power of the priesthood. Does the priesthood increase our power to love or the power of love?


"I am so touched. My blog is way too long to read probably, so I'll quote from it:

Thou hast cast out Satan and the evil spirit which did take possession of my body. Thou hast declared to me in Holy Scripture, in sacred priesthood blessings, and Thou hast spoken to me in my mind and in my heart; yeah, I have heard Thy voice, and I have seen the mighty works of Thy hands. Thou hast promised that these weaknesses will be made strong unto me. Thou hast blessed my body that these temptations no longer beset me and torment me. Thou hast given unto me, in the very moment that I declared my powerlessness from my addictions, power. Thy power given to me! Thank You my God for thy tender mercies and daily miracles performed by Thy very hand.

His power is love. So simple. So powerful.

my blog link:"
posted at 17:51:15 on November 18, 2010 by lawrence
"Yes, it is love, the pure love of Christ, that if we do not posses it at the end we have nothing. So does that mean if we have not turned our will over, we have nothing? I think it does! I also believe, not only do the elements love Christ, they also trust him explicitly. Two very big words. LOVE and TRUST...... Yeah Speak,(Cody) and Yeah Lawrence, (Loren). Thank you so much for sharing."
posted at 21:20:31 on November 18, 2010 by byourownhero
Does D&C 121:34-46 Help with this study?    
posted at 07:47:59 on November 19, 2010 by BeClean
One person's take on The Priesthood    
"Assume that God's power comes from his absolute love for everything and from his complete unselfishness and charity. He has proven time and time again that he will never do anything to hurt, only to help. He has proven that he will never be selfish, only selfless. As the intelligences of the universe look to him, they see his consistent love, and they trust him, so they obey him.

Now assume for a second that he says, "I trust anyone who has my seal of approval--my priesthood--and I will ratify their actions and support their decisions. If you follow and obey my priesthood holders, I will make it right for you."

So now, the entire universe of intelligences trusts God AND his priesthood holders, because He has promised that he will ratify and support their actions.

But He also sets certain rules about how his priesthood must be handled and controlled."
posted at 08:44:30 on November 19, 2010 by BeClean
"I'm glad you posted this because you put into words what I experienced myself a few years back and I just couldn't explain it properly to other people. All that came out of my mouth was that I had discovered that all good things come from God. No one seemed to get what I was talking about or thought I was captain obvious. But yeah, you said it so much better, "not a single credit could be attributed to anyone but God." That is exactly what I had discovered at it was really cool. When I wake up in the morning and I am anything but miserable, it is God's grace."
posted at 20:38:04 on November 19, 2010 by Anonymous
Thanks guys    
"Beclean I like what you're driving at. Lot to consider. Lot of responsibility. Man...makes me feel real guilty (in a good undestructive way) and deserving of any consequences for my actions. Eternal impact. The whole universe takes the brunt of my wickedness and still trusts God. No wonder His vengeance is serious. He has a lot to avenge. Then my mind turns to the atonement....

I have considered those scriptures as a blue print for my study. For years i've wondered what the power of the priesthood was. Only in the last year or so by reading and pondering did I see there seems to be difference between the power and the authority of the priesthood. Even then it seemed to me that the power could be summed up with faith hope and charity...which is available to everyone. So this authority...think think think. I'm still learning. As I read anew from your link it occurred to me that perhaps one reason the doctrine of the priesthood have (evaded me) not distilled upon my soul like the dew from heaven (revelation) is because virtue has yet to garnish my thoughts unceasingly. But I'm growing in faith that, like I pointed out in this Eureka post, for me...God is the gardener."
posted at 14:39:32 on November 20, 2010 by They Speak

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