By Byourownhero
11/13/2010 11:12:09 AM
A woman can process sin. She just can not process lies.


Lies are sin. :)    
posted at 13:19:31 on November 13, 2010 by Anonymous
Agree with Anon    
"But I think it's easier to process the acting out than the lying about it."
posted at 14:06:40 on November 13, 2010 by dstanley

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"The excuse is given that it is hard to avoid, that it is right at our fingertips and there is no escape. Suppose a storm is raging and the winds howl and the snow swirls about you. You find yourself unable to stop it. But you can dress properly and seek shelter, and the storm will have no effect upon you. Likewise, even though the Internet is saturated with material, you do not have to watch it. You can retreat to the shelter of the gospel and its teaching of cleanliness and virtue and purity of life. "

— Gordon B. Hinckley

General Conference, October 2004