which book do you recommend
By crushed
11/10/2010 9:13:24 PM
Byourownhero , you recommend Dr. Weiss books in several post, he has published many, which would you recommend for the recovery of a loved one, such as myself? And if anyone has other recommendations of books, lds or not that have helped them in the healing process?


A book suggestion    
"You might try the book - He Restoreth My Soul by Donald Hilton Jr. The Book of Mormon is always a good book to read and learn from also!"
posted at 21:43:17 on November 10, 2010 by Anonymous
It's not really a recovery book but...    
"I really loved The Peacegiver by (someone) Farrel? I think. Awesome book about marriage"
posted at 22:09:34 on November 10, 2010 by Anonymous
"He Restoreth My Soul by Donald Hilton Jr. is an excellent book in explaining addiction, etc. but if you are looking for a book to help you as the wife heal I highly recommend the book "Heal My Broken Heart" by Ruth Davidson and Tamara Davies. When the crap hit the fan at my house ARP meetings were not even heard of here where I live. It wasn't until 6 months later that it was introduced in our stake. Our leaders had gone through LDS social services and the women's group leader had basically had her bishop to rely on to get her through for most of what she had to deal with and then finding books to supplement his help. One that helped her was this book. Also several others, I will have to find my stache and see if I can find titles for you. I can honestly say that "Heal My Broken Heart" was probably the answer to prayer for me. It truly did help me in the process of healing. I can honestly say that I have been going to meetings that predate a family/spouse manual and I can testify to you that you can heal using the good old regular recovery manual. I did. I have to warn you though that healing only comes when you open yourself up to it and you do the work for yourself. Those twelve steps are for everyone, the Atonement is real it will work for all, but we must do the work and must also have a humble heart and a contrite spirit. What I am now going to say I say with much love and appreciation for what you are going through having been there and done that, your recovery is going to depend on you also trusting in God. DO NOT let Satan control you. Satan wants you to wallow in the mire, feel bad about yourself, blame your husband, hate your husband, have a hard time forgiving your husband, because if he can keep you down, he wins the battle for a family. To forgive your husband is not saying that what he did/does is great. To forgive him is to let it go...this becomes something between God and him. You are out of the picture. Letting go is HARD but necessary. Trust is something that will come with time, you have to open yourself up. Line upon line. I know that even if your husband/spouse were to never get "over" their problem, it is still possible for you to heal. You may not believe me, but your healing is not dependent upon someone else's recovery. I guess sometime I should share my story. Is everything perfect now? Heck no, but much progress has been made. I recently had the opportunity to go through the temple with my oldest son as he received his endowments to go on a mission. He is not 19, he isn't 20, 21,22 or even 23, but he is finally ready to go. An addicts' choice affects all and not in a positive way, BUT all things can work together for good. I think Romans 8:28. I just know it was a glorious experience he absolutely glowed, I was sad that his father could not be there, but that was his choice. Remember the Savior promised us peace. So let's grab it with both hands and hold on to it. You can do it, CHOOSE to take the first step. I wish you all the best."
posted at 22:42:29 on November 10, 2010 by Anonymous
New this year    
"From Heartache to Healing by Colleen and Phil Harrison. It's co-authored with some great info. But the one that helped most, by far, is Dr. Hilton's."
posted at 00:10:01 on November 11, 2010 by Anonymous
"Partners, Healing from His Addiction also his 101 Exercises Partner Recovery Guide, these two books are what I would recommend for a partner. You may want to consider Beyond Love, this books helps with practical exercises specific for partners of sexual addicts and are based on 12 step recovery. Use it in conjunction with ARP. You can download these books and have them instantly. You have to print them if you want a hard copy. Or you can just order the book and it comes in less than a week.
I purchased the Christian Recovery Set for Couples $120 3 books for the Partner and 3 Books for the sexual addict. I gave sets to couples in my recovery groups and they have used them and especially the addicts are giving positive feed back. The Sisters had received many of recovery tools from me previously but are also using the recovery books.
If your husband is not a reader I would get him the Final Freedom 5 CD set. This set contains most of the information in his 3 book recovery set. I think it is around $37. Get it for him. All of the Addicts who have listened to this set have exclaimed, He really knows what he is talking about!
I gave his CD's to the missionary over the men's PASG group and he has been a pioneer for this program for years and is a recovered addict. He said, Dr. Weiss's information is awesome and he liked it better than Dr. Hilton's Books. Dr. Weiss gives the same clinical information as Dr. Hilton, Dr. Weiss is an easier read.
Couples recover is Intimacy. Co Addiction is, How to Love when it Hurts so Bad.
I have read He Restoreth My Soul, From Heartache to Healing, These books are also excellent.
If you have any other questions of Dr. Weiss material please ask. I purchase almost all of his material when he was having a 40% off sale. Hope this helps."
posted at 02:37:25 on November 11, 2010 by byourownhero

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