Day 7 Truths I learned
By harpoon
10/26/2010 12:21:23 AM
Its Day 7 and I can say that my heart and mind has been more focused then ever on battling this addiction problem, I have learned reading my scriptures how selfish of me to think that what I do only affects me, how wrong, how decieved I was, the spirit taught me that everything affects everybody every action every deed every thought affects everyone, because the lord each day each second what we do, I realized how much pain and sorrow and disappoint I caused to myself my family,friends, and my future children, and most of all my Savior. The Savior has suffered too much, it is as if run smite the savior when he is in the most excrusiating pain and say I sinned, as that thought and teaching came my heart was filled pain, and shame, but after that I felt a peace, brother and sisters the savior loves us all, he knows what we are going through now, and he loves us but he knows more then any of us that we can become better we can become the best we can stand as a pilliar of light through the darkness, we must can destroy our love ones, let us quit thinking about ourselfs. I don't ever want to dissappoint or figurtivly speaking stab the savior when is on the cross or being nailed or going through the atonement. I pray for each one of you and I pray for my self, that you and I will become victors that we will become the valient men and warriors that I father needs. Let us change this day, let us commit ourselfs to the lord, remember satan does not care about us, he would rather see you beaten, humilated,see destruction of families, and see doing nothing and engulf yourself in sin, we are better then that, we are chosen sons and daughters of God who are loved, and who people look upto. I love each one of you even though I have not met any of you but I know we need each other to succeed and so that we can be with our father in heaven. Every time I am tempted the question I would ask would I do this in the Savior presence? Each one of us need to do this because I know when we do, we will shun away sin. God bless, let be steadfast today, right now!


Keep it up!    
"Hey Andy, I'm glad to hear you've been seven days without giving in to your routine, normal temptation. The Savior has demonstrated his power to help you, if you turn yourself over to him. Keep it up!

Let us know how you are doing. Let us know when you are doing well, and come tell us when the temptation returns. The temptation WILL return, many times. Don't be afraid of it. Just because temptation comes, and you acknowledge that it is there, doesn't mean you have to do what you are tempted to do. And just because the temptation comes doesn't mean you are bad and doomed to fail.

Even the Savior was tempted. Just tell the tempter, "Now THERE's a normal idea. Thanks, but no thanks--I am a son of God.""
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"By emulating the Master, who endured temptations but “gave no heed unto them,” we, too, can live in a world filled with temptations “such as [are] common to man”. Of course Jesus noticed the tremendous temptations that came to him, but He did not process and reprocess them. Instead, He rejected them promptly. If we entertain temptations, soon they begin entertaining us! Turning these unwanted lodgers away at the doorstep of the mind is one way of giving “no heed.” Besides, these would-be lodgers are actually barbarians who, if admitted, can be evicted only with great trauma."

— Neal A. Maxwell

General Conference May 1987