Still Step 1 but Day 8
By britta
10/21/2010 11:21:50 AM
So it's day 8 and I am still holding on. The pop up blocker on the internet has helped a lot, and the staying away from the talking about sexual things has help a lot! I havent changed friends or anything I just ask not to talk about those things and they are very kind and change the subject for me. I just need to continue going forward and not look back.


ideas that have worked for me in the past when i was willing and humble enough to do wjhatever it took not to break the law of chastity    
"u know one thing I realize with me over the past weeks is ther is many pathways i can get on thsat sound like fun at first and it is borderline but then it leads to the same spot almost every time..of point of no now even though I have a great a filter on my PC i even try to aviuod those spots like chat forums that speak indirectly on it or wallpaper that has some suugestive pictures of attractive people..just tryiung to say what has worked for me recently so hopefully that will help u out as well.. congrats on the eight days though it is great.. i have hope we can do it if we are willing to do it and soemtimes I believe it will take divine intervention if we ask for it...I have hope it will come maybe not in the way that we want it to come but it will come like the scripture saids in Corinthians" we will not be tempted above that we are capable but with the temptation ( God) will make a way for us to escape it..and isn't that a great promise..we jsut have to have hope in it no matter how long we are being tempted"
posted at 11:31:23 on October 21, 2010 by Joshua
Thank You!    
"I think if we all continue helping each other on this we will all get really far! Plus, the Lord will help! :)"
posted at 11:43:06 on October 21, 2010 by britta

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"I have come to know that thoughts, like water, will stay on course if we make a place for them to go. Otherwise, our thoughts follow the course of least resistance, always seeking the lower levels. Probably the greatest challenge and the most difficult thing you will face in mortal life is to learn to control your thoughts. In the Bible it says, as a man ‘thinketh in his heart, so is he’ (Prov. 23:7). One who can control his thoughts has conquered himself. As you learn to control your thoughts, you can overcome habits, even degrading personal habits. You can gain courage, conquer fear, and have a happy life. "

— Boyd K. Packer

BYU, Speeches of the Year, 26 Sept. 1967