Recovered, yet not?
By T-Rav
10/21/2010 8:49:22 AM
Step 1 - Action Step — Let go of pride and seek humility
So, I have been free from behaviors that made me unworthy for a year and a half now. But I still am trying to run my own life just as much before. The thing I constantly struggle with is maintaining a lasting spiritual recovery. How do you keep the humilty required to constantly rely on God?


daily renewal    
"There is no other way. Addict or not, we need to do our dailies. Scriptures, prayer, meditation, sacred music, conference talks, etc. Every morning I kneel and commit to my Heavenly Father on steps 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, and 12. That portion of my prayer is almost memorized, but not the very words, only the ideas. I apply each one to what is going on in my life. The biggest for me is 3: Today, Lord, I decide to turn my will and my life over to thy tender loving care and that of thy Son, Jesus Christ. I also specifically ask for the Holy Ghost to be given to me that day. Often I pause in the prayer and feel His Spirit come into me, at that very moment. It is a daily miracle, but I have faith that it will happen.

I have been free from the desire to act out for quite some time, but if I skip a day, it will be a real slip to me even if I don't act out.

That's my $0.02."
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I like that L    
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"By emulating the Master, who endured temptations but “gave no heed unto them,” we, too, can live in a world filled with temptations “such as [are] common to man”. Of course Jesus noticed the tremendous temptations that came to him, but He did not process and reprocess them. Instead, He rejected them promptly. If we entertain temptations, soon they begin entertaining us! Turning these unwanted lodgers away at the doorstep of the mind is one way of giving “no heed.” Besides, these would-be lodgers are actually barbarians who, if admitted, can be evicted only with great trauma."

— Neal A. Maxwell

General Conference May 1987