Am I the only one
By They Speak
10/2/2010 9:21:18 PM
...that lost heart as president Monson talked on choice and then dropped names like King David and Judus?

Terrestrial effort is sounding real...peaceful..?


Don't dispair, They Speak    
"Have you shed innocent blood as David and Judas were party to?

Celestial rewards are still within your reach, because of the Atonement. Keep the faith. Move forward."
posted at 21:39:33 on October 2, 2010 by BeClean
From Elder Patrick Kearon at Priesthood    
""Not one of you has thrown away your last chance. You can change. You can come back. You can claim mercy. Come unto the only one who can heal, and you will find peace.""
posted at 15:01:36 on October 3, 2010 by BeClean
"King David was the MAN, yet amazingly he fell because of idleness and not turning and running from temptation. I am sure you know the story. But, the Lord loved David, he walked in integrity of heart! 1 Kings 9:4. The Savior will stand for David, from whom his mortal blood flows and God will forgive whom he chooses. Our Heavenly Father knows the integrity of our heart. Integrity being the by-product of character. That is what we are working on, fixing the state of weakness we find our character in. You will make it!!
posted at 15:02:26 on October 3, 2010 by BYOUROWNHERO
there is hope, Bud    
"Don’t compare yourself with King David. He crossed a very big line that you haven’t as BeClean mentioned. It is a Satan trick. I used to look at David and Corianton as the only stories that compared to my situation and it looked pretty bleak. After I got into recovery I realized even though they don’t dwell on it much, Corianton returned to his mission and later would have received the plates, but he had gone north with those that colonized that area. He did really repent. If you want to get a bright view of your future potential look at Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah. They dwell on the fact that they were persecuting members, but one of their fathers referred to them as the vilest of sinners. These were young men; do you really think their only issue was some philosophical differences with the Church? I’ll bet you a dollar against a moldy doughnut that those guys were into wine, women and song among other things.

We each have a choice. We can come to our senses and cry out to God for help continually, or we can keep digging like David until we run out of time or cross the unpardonable line.

We hit bottom when we quit digging. That is about the only choice a full blown addict can make."
posted at 16:42:45 on October 7, 2010 by justjohn
I dig the digging analogy    
"Many times in my life before recovery I must have had the sinking impression that my teaspoon was up against layers of hard solid granite. Then with real effort it was upgraded to a table spoon and now feels like I don't know a jack hammer. Goal is to be sitting beside the savior in one of those heavy duty bulldozer style machines smashing anything that stands in my way.

I'm talking crap... Time for bed."
posted at 22:05:37 on October 7, 2010 by ruggaexpat
"As usual, I loved what you wrote here. I was wondering why you wrote LOL afterward. I thought that meant "laugh out loud". Does it have another connotation I am not aware of?"
posted at 00:09:25 on October 8, 2010 by Anonymous
Thanks dudes...    
"Your comments all mean a lot. Truly.

The rest of this is almost just a pep talk to myself i realized after writing it.

I guess I was just overwhelmed with the tall order of duty. I think sometimes choice and commitment kindof run hand and hand. And basically I hate them both :) They're a tough pill sometimes. Like the 3rd step talks about in the lds family services recovery manual I've seen a lot of commitments broken (from David to my dad) and have broken many millions myself so commitment/choice, and President Monsons talk about them, is naturally not an easy one for me to mull over.

Add to that an outlandish story about some Harvard-mormon commitment-He-Man who with his Oxford basketball team makes it to the final four of Europe but because the game landed on sunday and he made a committed not to play ball on the sabbath when he was like 2 years old he decided against it..?? yeah, all I think is "eff that, I'm not that guy. I'll never be that guy. And no amount of effort is ever gonna make me that guy. Not even Jesus can make me that guy. I don't even know how Jesus made that guy that guy.? And if those are the kindof commitment keeping unbelievably wacko righteous people making it to heaven then heaven is deffinatly not the place for my kind."

I suppose I have to remind myself what the 12 steps say about the ultimate commitment (step 3): "At first our efforts were anxious and halting. We kept giving the Lord our trust and then taking it back. We worried that He would be displeased at our inconsistency and withdraw His support and love from us. But He didn’t."

I have found that to be true and that the Lord works with me where I'm at. I'm not an oxford grad or a harvard professor. I'll never be hailed as an example in general conference. I've never kept one commitment in my life I don't think. I'm not a champion. I'm Cody. I have leprosy. I'm maimed. I'm a sinner a whore and a publican. I'm blind, deaf and dumb. I have all manner of disease and evil spirits. Optimistically however, I'm growing slowly more confident that Christ works with these kind (my kind) too...not just champions.

As such (as I understand it back in the day if you were a lepor, a whore, etc, you had no hope) I have only One hope anymore. I'm not just saying that cause it sounds like the right thing to say either! I'm trying to get it through my confoundedly thick scull that its the truth!

Funny you mention Alma and others John. I've been saying lattely I don't think when those guys said they knew they were nothing as a to their own strength they were just paying the idea formal lip service...I think they knew it intrinsically!!! What great examples to us!

Anyway, sorry for being debby downer for a sec. But really Tom...keep those glove up man! ;)"
posted at 03:31:03 on October 8, 2010 by They Speak
I'm not familiar with that story about the basketball plaer...    
"but if you ask me that dude was a complete idiot. Way to let your team down for the sake of your own idea of devoutness. I think I rather be in the afterlife with people like you, theyspeak. I can't relate to all the "perfect" people and quite frankly they annoy me. Because we ALL fall short. The difference between that basketball player and me is that my battles and small successes have taken place in the depths of my own heart and aren't on spoken about fondly. The people I consider "heros" are the ones who have recovered from this seemingly hopeless addiction and not taken their own life before God works His miracle in their lives. The basketball player has his reward."
posted at 04:41:04 on October 8, 2010 by Anonymous
please anonymous up here do not judge people who have tried and kept themselves    
"pure!! As you would not like to be judged for the choices you have made!! God has given us free agency and we came to earth with our faith and our own weaknesses. We know that some were more faithfull then others, some qualified themselves to be prophets and apostles to lead and give examples to the rest of us. Do not judge people who have chosen to keep the Lord'S commands as idiots or perfect. If a general authority and especially an apostle thinks that always keeping the Lord's command is worthy of praise then I think that too!!! It is always better not to break the Law of chastity then to have to repent of it latter. The people that have been able to resist temptation before giving any thing the chance and become an addict are also worthy of praise as are those who have painted themselves into a corner and had to work so hard to get themselves out. My brother found porn when he was 12 and was tempted, he was intrigued, excited and wanted more, but it felt so wrong so in an instant taht he thinks saved his life, he prayed and asked the Lord for help, and everytime his thoughts came back, he prayed some more. The Lord blessed him and preserved him as he exerciced his freedom to choose. He is also a hero and such a blessing for his wife and children. I hope I am not offending... just my opinion.... There are so many factors, every situation is so different as we would not like to be judged so we should abstain judgement."
posted at 14:26:34 on October 8, 2010 by Anonymous
Your right.    
"I'm sorry."
posted at 14:35:04 on October 8, 2010 by Anonymous
no worries    
"it takes a strong person to admit they might be wrong. I appreciate that"
posted at 15:03:28 on October 8, 2010 by Anonymous
All I'm saying    
" I can't relate and those kind of stories depress me. The wicked taketh the truth to be hard I guess.

I do like stories like Malcolm X's and Alma the younger though! They give me courage."
posted at 20:52:42 on October 8, 2010 by They Speak

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"Develop discipline of self so that, more and more, you do not have to decide and redecide what you will do when you are confronted with the same temptation time and time again. You need only to decide some things once. How great a blessing it is to be free of agonizing over and over again regarding a temptation. "

— Spencer W. Kimball