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By migail3
9/25/2010 9:44:23 PM />
Brethren and Sisters in Recovery. I do believe that we who are working the program, which includes the relapse episodes, are riding the crest of an ever building Tsunami of Recovery and Personal Righteousness and Spiritual Power. The Lord is preparing us to be His valiant recovered, revirginated, re-dedicated, warriors against this insidious evil that is sweeping the world.

Brethren, get involved and stop sitting around and getting horny all the time. That is what happens to me when I turn down going to Sacrament and Priesthood meetings. When I skip out on Stake and General Conference. When I go to these meetings I feel the Spirit and want to shout Amen!!

I volunteered to do clean up for the Sisters in our Ward who had a wonderful Relief Society Dinner before their conference this evening. Four of us brethren also got a free meal out of it. There were chairs and tables to set up and take down. We had to figure out how to hook up the satellite feed, turn on the recorder and so on. I could have stayed home and sat in front of this computer all night. I am so glad that I choose to serve rather then sit home and be into myself as most of us addicts are extremely expert at.


You missed the point anonymous!    
"Thank you for your service! There are things all around if we just take a minute to look.

I believe we will be stronger warriors because we have been tried in battle. The Lord needs a strengthened army for what is coming. Who better to serve than those who have a working knowledge of our Father!!!"
posted at 16:42:24 on September 27, 2010 by SEEINGLIGHT
"Yeah Mig, I think next time you do something nice that helps you avoid destruction like, let's say oh I don't know, sitting around getting horney all the time keep it to your own dang self. Like we want ideas reinforced that would help us do the same. Nope. Not here. Big faux pas there buster ;) ;)"
posted at 19:58:19 on September 27, 2010 by They speak
Faux Pas?    
"I know the mind of an addict. They are sooooo into themselves and yes, for the most part they do sit around in a selfcenterd stupor, seeking gratification. Read Alma 60 and see which side your are on. I urge my sisters on this site to be patient with their husbands who are earnest in their recovery efforts and I also advise them to consider the competition. They are outnumbered. How can the mother of your children compete with some whorish silicone injected woman who hasn't a stretch mark on her body. When you make love to the covenant daughter that Heavenly Father gave you, do you see her or is some pin-up flashing across your dark mind?"
posted at 05:37:41 on September 28, 2010 by migail3
Foo-pa (social blunder)    
"I was teasin and poking fun at the anonymous post. In case that was misunderstood.

I liked your post.

Was that question for me? Mmm...not that I'm a good guy in the least but thinking of other woman when I'm with my wife has never been my bag. Weird. Cause I am quite the jerk. But I've always been grateful she's had my mind when we're together...for what little nothing that's worth."
posted at 06:42:09 on September 28, 2010 by They speak
Sorry I misunderstood.    
"Hey, did you check out the site at the top of my post>"
posted at 12:13:09 on September 28, 2010 by migail3
"...a little bit. Havent really delved to hard into it but it looks like a great place for women to go for suport and anwers espesially if they are new to the problem."
posted at 22:49:21 on September 28, 2010 by They Speak
"You seem angry. Stop telling everyone else what you think they need to do."
posted at 23:10:44 on September 28, 2010 by Anonymous
"That's kindof an ironically hypocritical comment there don't you think anonymous? As is the fact that you boldly post anonymously. Hilarious! Bravo.

Migail can tell me what he thinks I should do all day. Home-boy has 20 years of sobriety. Whata what?? Hollaaaa!! Plus he drives a school bus and like that's not kick a** (bum bum)!

p.s. I'm not trying to "be the man who will fight for [Migails] honor" or anything. I just thought that was kindof a funny post that's all"
posted at 03:21:04 on September 29, 2010 by They speak
"I think this was a great post. Service is a great way for everyone to get their minds off of their own problems. It looks like the URL is a good place for wives of addicts to go. My only complaint is that it perpetuates the myth that only men have sexual addictions. I think this perception makes it all the more difficult for women who are struggling. It was hard for me to get help, or even be sure I was an addict when all I saw was stuff for men who are struggling and wives dealing with husbands who are struggling."
posted at 09:51:02 on September 29, 2010 by dstanley
Ironic? You're right.    
"Something about Migails gung-ho attitude just annoys me. I totally understand it's probably me. It has just been my experience that the ones making the most noise are usually not the ones in the trenches helping addicts one on one. They seem more interested in complaining about the problem than doing something truly useful about it. I am probably wrong about, Migail. Maybe you do sponsor people and serve the addicts in your community. I shouldn't judge so I apologize.
P.S. Calling someone out isn't always a mean thing. It is how I knew I realized what my real character defects were. By the same token, theyspeak I appreciate you bringing the irony to my attention. I didn't even see that."
posted at 15:11:34 on September 29, 2010 by Anonymous
your a gentelmen and scholar anon    
"I totally agree about calling people out. Thanks for handeling my call out so gracefully. I know ill look to your honest example next time I get called out :)"
posted at 15:43:48 on September 29, 2010 by they speak

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"Now, my brothers and sisters, let not Jesus’ redemption for us stop at the immortalizing dimension of the Atonement, “the loosing of the bands of death”. Let us grasp the proffered gift of eternal life! We will end up either choosing Christ’s manner of living or His manner of suffering! It is either “suffer even as I”, or overcome “even as [He] … overcame”. His beckoning command is to become “even as I am”. The spiritually settled accept that invitation, and “through the atonement of Christ,” they become and overcome! "

— Neal A. Maxwell

General Conference May 1987