The Significance of Twelve
9/19/2010 2:06:47 PM
Joshua 4:3 — And command ye them, saying, Take you hence out of the midst of Jordan, out of the place where the priests' feet stood firm, twelve stones, and ye shall carry them over with you, and leave them in the lodging place, where ye shall lodge this night.

Joshua 4:23 — For the LORD your God dried up the waters of Jordan from before you, until ye were passed over, as the LORD your God did to the Red sea, which he dried up from before us, until we were gone over:

Joshua 4:24 — That all the people of the earth might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty: that ye might fear the LORD your God for ever.

I was reading in Joshua during Sacrament meeting today. The passage was about gathering 12 stones to take with them across the waters of Jordan. It then talked about laying them across the water so that the Ark of the Covenant could be carried across on dry land.
I got to thinking about the significance of the number 12.
There are many references to that number in the gospel.
12 Tribes of Israel
12 Oxen in the temple
12 Olive trees
12 Apostles
12 makes a quorum

12 Steps of Recovery

I likened my journey to the Lord laying down 12 steps across my thorny path to help me safely across. How very grateful I am for the 12 Steps. I am more at peace when I stay on the path and not stray.


BTTB Thanks for the analogy    
"The God of Israel can help us through our journey just as he helped the children of Israel. I was thinking about verse 24 from above. One of the blessings of recovery is the testament it can be to each of us of the power of God in our lives. I know of "the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty" because of the help I have received in overcoming my addiction. I'm only on the 4th stone right now...will keep crossing them one at a time!

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"As Latter-day Saints, we need not look like the world. We need not entertain like the world. Our personal habits should be different. Our recreation should be different. Our concern for family will be different. As we establish this distinctiveness firmly in our life’s pattern, the blessings of heaven await to assist us."

— Robert D. Hales

"Gifts of the Spirit" Ensign, Feb. 2002