bipolar about this whole thing
By kaybee
9/1/2010 4:22:08 PM
i feel kinda bipolar. one minute i want to shout for joy that i have found this site and that i feel so much resolve to overcome my pornography addiction and the next minute i want to break down and cry. i think the reason mite be because i have tried and failed so many times, i have felt the joy of getting away, but i can honestly say i am AFRAID of relapse. i nearly got sick when i was in my e-mails and i realized that i had mailed an innapropriate picture to myself so it would be somewhere no one would c it. like i said, one minute i feel great, the next, horrible.

PS, if it seems that i am posting a lot its because this is what i use to distract my mind in my spare time. i am currently off from college and work in the evenings, so i have a lot of time at home alone.


stay glued here I did when I had little to do in the beginning    
"Check my blogs they were all concentrated in certain months especially the first few.
Just write, this is a god sent tool for recovery."
posted at 16:25:44 on September 1, 2010 by ruggaexpat
your rite    
"im glad that you understand why im here all the time. and as far as i can tell so far you are rite, this site is TRUELY a god sent tool."
posted at 16:38:22 on September 1, 2010 by kaybee
"This site is a powerful way to remind yourself of the seriousness of these sins and how important it is to leave them behind. God is with you in these efforts from the very moment you decide you need him. Believe in that, and believe that so long as you are willing to turn your thoughts to him, he will not let you fail.

One of the things I have done that seems to help me is starting and maintaining a to-do list. I was surprised how often I was finding things I needed to do and then just forgetting about them only to wind up bored and tempted later on. With a list in front of me all the time, I have no time to be bored. Suddenly my house is getting painted, my workbench is built, the yard is mowed, etc. Idle hands are the devils workshop. So be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and you'll qualify for an extra measure of support to leave temptation behind."
posted at 16:41:19 on September 1, 2010 by paul

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"Jesus rejected temptation. When confronted by the great tempter himself, Jesus "[yielded] not to the temptation‚ÄĚ. He countered with scripture. Gospel commandments and standards are our protection also, and like the Savior, we may draw strength from the scriptures to resist temptation."

— D. Todd Christofferson

General Conference October 2006