Rough Sunday
By Brunner1551
8/8/2010 5:11:17 PM
Today was definitely not my ideal Sunday. Going back to church after having my mission call taken away has been so difficult, especially when everyone has expected me to be gone. The past two Sundays I've handled it better than I thought I would, but today was so hard. Sitting in Sacrament Meeting I just kept looking around the congregation, meeting hateful glares, or couples whispering in my direction, and my negativity hit me like a brick wall: no one here cares an ounce about me.

In a matter of one Sunday, I went from having people meet and greet me all the time, to having everyone become a complete, utter stranger to me. The worst is that no one knows why I didn't go, so I assume they are all only speculating about what it was and that drives me nuts. I know that I'm not supposed to care about the things people say about me and only worry about my own recovery, but that doesn't mean it hurts any less to feel unloved by my ward. Better luck next week, hopefully.


I'm sorry, Bro.    
"We love you. We pray for you. I would bet your Bishopric loves and prays for you, and so does your Stake Presidency. I am certain your Heavenly Father loves you, and he wants you to overcome and return to him. You are loved."
posted at 19:33:48 on August 8, 2010 by BeClean
Brother Brunner    
"I am wondering what the Savior would do if He sat in the congregation? Would he look at you with disappointment and scorn? I have known several young men who have gone through this same experience. Some of them dropped out of activity. Most of them have buckled down, got their life together and stayed clean. Some went on to marry while others petitioned to go on a mission.

Human nature, being what it is, people will look and scoff. If this will help, ask your bishop about LDS AR meetings. Get involved. Move if you have to. Make it a New Beginnings.

We have two young men in our ward who were going on missions but never left. We love them, the bishop involved them in the YM program activities, gave them appropriate callings, kept them busy with Elders Quorum service projects, etc. My son served an honorable full time mission but a few years after his mission he was excommunicated. His biggest trial is now going to Sacrament meeting and having people come up to him and say, hello, are you visiting? And he has been there several times. He does not participate in Sunday School class or priesthood. Sometimes he feels like running. He is not a runner. Don't you B a Runner either. This is a hard test but it will make you all the stronger.

The Apostle Paul had the hardest time being accepted after his conversion. We can only guess what pain he had to endure. He had the Savior at his side and moved forward.

One more affirmation: Mitt Romney's father was in my old Ward. He once said:" Only the wounded are in the armies of the Lord." Let's suit up soldier and prepare for battle. So you have a purple heart. That's an honor, son. Onward and Upward."
posted at 20:53:13 on August 8, 2010 by migail3
hang in there    
"I am so sad that you had to go trough this on top of everything else, and I think you are courageous to have gone. You know you go because of your Saviour, because he loves you and you love him and because it is what he would have him do.
Keep going, you will blessed. Don't let anyone discourage you. Your saviour loves you."
posted at 21:03:06 on August 8, 2010 by Anonymous
Run with patience    
"I read what Migail3 said about the Apostle Paul and could not help thinking about this verse

"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith: who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God" Hebrews 12:1-2

Brunner hang in there. Run this race with God. I know of a young man who is having a similar experience in our area. Recently I was at a meeting where he related running a marathon to overcoming addiction. Sometimes we can't focus too much on the end--we just need to take one step at a time. He is an impressive young man to me and an example of true courage.

What courage it takes to take the high road. You were courageous to not go on your mission--and now as anon said above--you are courageous to continue to go to Church. You are in the process of laying aside your sins. This experience will be hard--but you will be in a better position to serve others as you work through it. Consider the empathy and understanding you will have for others going through struggles after the experience you are having.

I have a Brother-in-Law that came home from the MTC. I had actually forgotten about this until I started typing this post. I don't know why he came home except that it was related to some past transgressions he was working through. I'm sure there were those that did not treat him well. But there were others who still loved him and supported him. We all have sinned-and all of us have had struggles to overcome--who are we to judge another? He went on to serve an honorable mission and then to marry my sister in the Temple. I know that if you were to ask him he would not change choosing to disclose his troubles and coming home from the MTC. It put him in a position to truly move forward.

Best wishes to you--run with patience--this is a marathon--and you can make it, one step at a time

posted at 06:34:49 on August 9, 2010 by Seekrecovery
"I just wanna tell you how awesome I think you are! I read your story and I am so impressed that a young man would make the decision you made. You are mature beyond your years!! I know it’s hard to wonder what people are thinking and saying about you…I’ve been there…I got pregnant at 17...Yikes, not the Mormon ideal. Years later, that situation is just a distant memory to me. You can get through this…you are on the right path.

I just wanted to add. In my ward one of the guys, went to the MTC and came home. Yes, it got around what it was. He went a little too far with his girlfriend. Oh boy was his girlfriend mad!...Now everyone knew she had sinned too. They broke up. And he went on to serve in any capacity he could, until he had gone through the repentance process, then he went on to serve a faithful mission. Just so you know the conversation that I heard my parents saying…they were so impressed with this Man…they knew how hard it was for him to make this decision, but wow the integrity he had to make that difficult decision is truly remarkable. Just as you have made the decision you have made to recover and repent. I think your decision is truly something wonderful. Just a thought…Some people might be negative about your situation…some might be really impressed. But bottom line…how do you feel at the end of the day with your decision? I imagine you are resting much better since coming clean, and starting the amazing process of utilizing the atonement.

Awesome…you really are totally awesome! Prayers for you brother!! "
posted at 17:20:05 on August 9, 2010 by Summer

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