By nickwyo
8/3/2010 9:40:50 AM
This morning I have a phone interview for a job..........finding a job has been a major struggle. Since the business I tried to start did not work out it has been tough. What has been tougher is to not fall back into old patterns. If I want behaviors to change, then I have to change behaviors and approach things differently than I did before.

I hope this opportunity leads somewhere. I must get back on track to save my home and start paying back my creditors for the money I used to start the business. I am optimistic. I CAN do this, with help, support, faith and prayer.


Phone call    
"From what I can tell.......the phone interview went well..........they will call me Friday to let me know what the next step is. Keeping my fingers crossed............"
posted at 11:32:27 on August 3, 2010 by nickwyo
"One of the promises of working a 12 Step program is, "Fear of people, and of economic insecurity will leave us." That is a huge promise! And it has happened in my own life. I crawled into the program bruised, beaten, and BROKE. Heavenly Father doesn't always give us what we want but He ALWAYS gives us what we need. That usually includes a roof over our head, money to buy gas, a source of income (in due time), and the strength to stay sober for one more day. You're doing great! Keep up the good work. In the grand scheme of things, money issues are secondary to our sobriety. Let Heavenly Father take care of our financial predicament. It's been my experience that He always does take care of us, sometimes just in the nick of time to pay our rent or mortgage. Good luck with the interview!!!"
posted at 11:36:35 on August 3, 2010 by Anonymous
I second Anon    
"My heart goes out to you Nick, I know how you feel, have been there, done that and got the whole wardrobe never mind the T-shirt. You are reaching out, there is a funny thing that happens when you continue to reach out, others find you!

Sounds dumb I know but it is true. Now I want to add my biggest AHA bit that I realized through the recovery-security trial:

It is not a question of whether we will be blessed with an ideal needs-based income. It is a question of when and I know this to be so true as I am at this stage too. The Lord is testing my patience like I never knew before. It is so hard not to complain and murmer but I know he will never leave me out for the wolves, though I can hear them howling every day and esecially at night. I feel your insecurity and it sucks I know but LETS HANG IN THERE EVEN IF WE HAVE TO WAIT A LONGER TIME THAN WE HOPED.
You are not alone just know that it will get better.

God bless Bro."
posted at 19:32:40 on August 3, 2010 by ruggaexpat

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"As Latter-day Saints, we need not look like the world. We need not entertain like the world. Our personal habits should be different. Our recreation should be different. Our concern for family will be different. As we establish this distinctiveness firmly in our life’s pattern, the blessings of heaven await to assist us."

— Robert D. Hales

"Gifts of the Spirit" Ensign, Feb. 2002