...Uh- Please help!
By Retrospect
3/21/2010 1:24:29 AM
Dear everyone,
All my life I have never really intended to look up pornography; and probably never will. My problem is that I get incredibly bored, and start browsing through the internet for things to occupy my time. I've only done this a few times, but each time I feel the same way, and I hate it- I look up one subject and an unrelated link pops up and I click it. When I realize what it is, I quickly get out and resume doing whatever I was doing before... and then I get slightly curious...

I've Prayed for Gods help, and I try to read the scriptures- and I have ended up on this site.

So my question for you is what can I do that will help me avoid these temptations, and when those temptations *do* arise, what can I do from giving in?


set limits    
"That sounds familiar.
write down on a piece of paper the types of searches you can do.
For instance, reasearch for school, work etc.
Internet is not something to play with if you are bored, it is danger land, when you are bored don't sit there especially if you are now on this site looking for help.
Great move to pray and find it, I wish I had the faith you have now.
Now please heed this, stay far away from the internet when you are bored, it is one of the worst triggers. That is a time to seek the Lord, not surfing.

Satan knows this and will hook you and read a few stories here to realize that you do not want to be hooked on this stuff"
posted at 08:03:36 on March 21, 2010 by Anonymous
Occupy your time    
"Anonymous had a good idea - writing down good searches.

You can also write down things to do when you are bored. Reading a good book is one of my favorites. Working out is good. Improve a talent (play an instrument). Serve a neighbor. Do your home teaching.

I've got to get to a meeting, but you can make the list longer.

If what you say is true, and you have never intentionally looked at pornography and you always run from it, then I BEG you to make some changes NOW while you still can, while it is still easy. Stay AWAY from the internet when you are bored. FLEE pornography. Please don't experiment. I wish with all my heart I had never touched it. At best, it will destroy you for years, at worst, it will take your soul."
posted at 08:17:48 on March 21, 2010 by BeClean
Internet is a tool not a toy.    
"Use the internet for what you need, when you find what you want, get off. If you like playing games etc. or spend time browsing the internet, that is fine, but do it in a place where others are present, such as your living room or a computer lab. If it becomes too much of a temptation, and you are forced with the choice of having the internet in your home or your moral security, maybe it is time to reevaluate having the internet in your home, room, etc.

One final thought, it is okay to be curious, as long as you have an appropriate source to explore that curiousity. Part of being human is being a sexual being. That is why it is so tempting to look at inappropriate sites. You do not have to be ashamed that you are curious about sexual feelings. But looking at pornography is an addictive and I might add, an innacurate way to settle that curiosity. If you want a healthy way to explore it, consult a church leader, if you are comfortable; a parent, or get some books from an LDS bookstore."
posted at 16:20:11 on April 2, 2010 by benjamin

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