What are you thankful for?
By nyronian
11/23/2009 11:27:03 AM
In The Spirit of Thanksgiving is the lastest Mormon Messages. Go to and on the Home Page will be the video.

Elder Dallin H Oaks tells us to be "Thankful for our adversities". One year ago now I confessed to my wife, my Bishop and to a High Council sins that are abhorrent, disgusting, filthy and loathsome. And to my beautiful and amazing wife who stood as her world came crashing down all around her. This drove us both to our knees, begging for the Savior to intervene in our lives. Inviting Him in. It has been a difficult year in this. But, this I tell you, I am a better man today than I was a year ago. I am closer to my Savior and stronger against the temptations that so easily beset me. I have invited the Savior into my life and He has come, quietly, lovingly and ONLY as I invite Him. There have been many times over the last year that I have offended the spirit and he has left. And only through humble, fervent prayer and invitation to him to re-enter my life has He returned. But, he has come every time, in all my unworthiness, he has come. I have come to know this..."In all of my uncertainties, I am certain in the Lord".

May God bless each of you to find gratitude this wonderful season of time. May each of us turn to our Savior for guidance in our adversities and temptations. He will come! Of THAT I am certain.


Thankful for Testimony    
"Thanks for that witness, Nyronian."
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