12 days clean
By adrastos
11/17/2009 6:03:15 PM
This is the longest I've been free from m@sturbation and p0rn for a long time. But lately I've been getting depressed, I can't quite put my finger on it. A lot of it has to deal with my work load, feeling overwhelmed. I've also been tempted several times, but I've had more strength to fight it lately. Before I know that if I was put in a situation where I could view p0rn and act out without any risk of being caught, I know I would have taken it up in a heart beat, but now I feel that if I get thrown one of those situations that I would leave. Not that I want to put myself in that situation. A sober alcoholic still shouldn't go into a bar and a s3x addict should use unfiltered internet alone, so I still have to be careful.


"Congratulations! Stay close by, and when temptation comes, let us know.

As for the depression, how are your scripture study and prayer sessions? Pour out your soul to your Heavenly Father--out loud. Let him know that you are trying to do what's right, but you feel depressed. Ask him for guidance. Then sit and listen (or read scriptures to see what he says to you there)."
posted at 20:27:20 on November 17, 2009 by BeClean
You're doing great!    
"I'm so excited for you that you wouldn't want to act out even if you could get away with it. I think you're making huge steps forward in your recovery right now, and I appreciate the example you're setting for me. I'm three days behind you in terms of sobriety, so it's nice to compare your experiences with my own.

Depression can be a difficult problem, but it might help you feel better if you take a step back and realize how much you've grown and developed over the last few months. It also helps me with my own depression when I can let some stress out by going to the gym, studying scripture/praying/meditating, or by doing something creative.

Keep it up, you can do this!"
posted at 00:04:02 on November 18, 2009 by ETTE
"I still get depressed too. It becomes so annoying after a couple weeks. I really wish there was an off switch. Great Job though, keep going, you can do it!"
posted at 07:42:57 on November 18, 2009 by Gondor44646
"I've read that there are withdrawal symptoms like depression for s~xual addictions. I don't know how much it helps to think about that, but I've wondered if it would help me if I reminded myself that I am going through withdrawal."
posted at 09:24:42 on December 3, 2009 by DAZED

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"Freedom from your transgression will come through sincere faith, true repentance, willing obedience, and the giving of self. Why the giving of self? Because selfishness is at the root of your problem. Where selfishness and transgression flourish, the Spirit of the Lord can’t enter your life to bless you. To succeed, you must conquer your selfishness. When your beacon is focused on self, it does little more than blind your vision. When turned outward through acts of kindness and love, it will light your path to happiness and peace. "

— Richard G. Scott

General Conference May 1990