A New Plan
11/9/2009 12:06:12 AM
I messed up, again. It was even worse this time than last. I've had enough of this living hell, but I'm not going to lay down and give up. It's time to make some changes.

I will continue to build my faith in the Savior each day through daily scripture study and prayer. I can't afford to get in bed without studying the scriptures first. I can't afford to take a bite of food without first giving thanks and asking the Lord to bless me that I can know how to be obedient.

I will stop being so complacent. Although the Savior is the one responsible for my recovery, I still have to do everything I can. I will stop looking for an easy way out or a life of peace, because there will never be peace, so I won't rely on it. This means that I can't skip my recovery meetings anymore, just because they can be difficult. They get top priority in my life, so I'll have to schedule around them.

I will start living one day at a time again. I will sincerely bow on my knees and verbally promise the Lord each day before I do ANYTHING else in the morning, then I will offer the Lord each day before I get in bed at night.

Please keep me in your prayers, the next couple days will be difficult. Thanks for all the love and support.


Thanks, and welcome to the site!    
"I'm glad you came here, I needed to read what you've posted, and I certainly don't mind you replying to me twice in the same night. That's what this site is all about. I hope you stay active here, I can't tell you how much I rely on the great people on this site, and the best part is that the more we reach out to people who need our help, the more people reach out to us when we need it.

Don't give in like I did, just stay focused on positive reasons why you should remain clean. If I had done that, I wouldn't be in this situation right now."
posted at 01:01:43 on November 9, 2009 by ETTE
Good job    
"Keep up the positive attitude, it's critical! Ette I know you can do it. Remember the addiction is so strong because it is brain chemical... You have to retrain your brain, and it can be done!"
posted at 10:47:08 on November 10, 2009 by aug7change
"Just want you to know you are in my prayers. Thank you for all your support and kind words. I know you have the power to overcome this!"
posted at 17:18:38 on November 12, 2009 by summer
Thanks everyone,    
"I appreciate your confidence in my ability to change, it's helped me more than I can explain.

Hey Summer,

Thanks for the prayers. I think I'm beginning to comprehend how powerful a faithful prayer can be. I'm still amazed that you care about me instead of resenting me for my addiction. You're a wonderful person, and I pray for you and your family every day without fail. "
posted at 23:40:50 on November 12, 2009 by ETTE

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"Brothers and sisters, stay on the straight and narrow path. No, stay in the middle of the straight and narrow path. Don't drift; don't wander; don't dabble; be careful. Remember, do not flirt with evil. Stay out of the devil's territory. Do not give Satan any home-field advantage. Living the commandments will bring you the happiness that too many look for in other places. "

— Larry W. Gibbons

General Conference October 2006