By dazed
11/8/2009 11:06:05 PM
It is ironic that what helped me stop acting out today was finding a photograph. I found a picture taken of my daughter and I at a daddy/daughter date that was sponsored by our Stake. When I saw it it really hit me that what I had been doing would really hurt her if she knew about it.

Up until today I had been sober for a month. I think I will carry that picture around with me -- it really hit me how much she needs me, and needs a father that treats women and womenhood the right way.


"Way to go! Good thoughts."
posted at 23:10:15 on November 8, 2009 by BeClean
"Thank you for posting this!!"
posted at 17:14:47 on November 12, 2009 by summer

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"Develop discipline of self so that, more and more, you do not have to decide and redecide what you will do when you are confronted with the same temptation time and time again. You need only to decide some things once. How great a blessing it is to be free of agonizing over and over again regarding a temptation. "

— Spencer W. Kimball