Must stay strong!!!!
By needhelp38
11/6/2009 7:55:56 PM
"Potiphar's wife" hasn't been at the house all week but is here right now. Thank goodness I just made plans for tonight & perfectly planned out my evening with scripture study & working out before I go out & I need to stick to that!!!! This is one of those times where I feel more attracted to him than disgusted, so I decided to come on to the site to remember what I have committed to. (Read the last few paragraphs of my "First Post Part 3" blog to understand the "Potiphar's wife" reference.")


Good For You    
"I love the Potiphar's wife reference. It makes me laugh a little but make sure you stay away from him. I know you "want" him but trust me, you really don't. From my experience, the only reason I want someone who is bad for me is because I want something from them. It may just be the company or it may be to act out but the reasons don't matter. I would use them to fulfill my wants and wishes and that is not right. Stay far far away. I hope you'll be able to report having a good night."
posted at 20:10:43 on November 6, 2009 by Matrix
"So far so good.....I'm taking one of the guys somewhere & then I'll be working out, studying my scriptures & then heading to a birthday party. I am going to be strong!!!! I'm glad that I have this site to be accountable to someone else."
posted at 20:27:26 on November 6, 2009 by needhelp38
Oh whoops    
"What I meant was I'm taking one of the KIDS I NANNY FOR SOMEWHERE....not one of the guys!!"
posted at 20:27:54 on November 6, 2009 by needhelp38

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"The Savior teaches that we will have tribulation in the world, but we should "be of good cheer" because He has "overcome the world". His Atonement reaches and is powerful enough not only to pay the price for sin but also to heal every mortal affliction… He knows of our anguish, and He is there for us. Like the good Samaritan in His parable, when He finds us wounded at the wayside, He binds up our wounds and cares for us. Brothers and sisters, the healing power of His Atonement is for you, for us, for all. "

— Dallin H. Oaks

General Conference October 2006