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10/16/2009 12:02:17 AM
I absolutely love going to my Sexaholics Anonymous meeting, but the group I like only meets once a week in my area, and I need a lot more help than that. I’ve tried going to a couple different pornography addiction recovery meetings that are run by missionaries, but I must have had bad luck because the meetings I went to were really awkward.

I just couldn’t believe the people at the recovery meetings were so shy and timid about admitting they were addicted to p~rnography. I also thought it was weird that everyone bolted out the door the moment the meeting was over, and I was the only person that stayed back to socialize with the missionaries. It just felt like everyone was afraid to socialize with other addicts because they assumed that p~rn addicts are bad people. I eventually gave up on these meetings and stuck with S.A. because going to anything other than S.A. made me feel even more ashamed of being a s~x addict.

I’ve had a very hard time staying sober today, so I forced myself to go to a non-S.A. recovery meeting even though I’ve had bad experiences with them in the past. This time I decided to go to a meeting sponsored by LDS Family Services instead of by a local stake. For whatever reason, the Spirit was much stronger in the meeting I went to tonight, and the people there were more comfortable with each other. It was also nice that the majority of the people at the meeting were about my age, and I think some of them even go to my school. I came out of the meeting feeling a lot better about being an addict than I did going into it because I didn't feel quite as isolated anymore.

I’m not sure what makes the difference between different meetings. Maybe the meeting I went to tonight was better because it was sponsored by Family Services instead of some random stake, or maybe it was just better because I could relate more easily to the people there. Either way, I’ve learned a valuable lesson: it really pays to keep an open mind and to be willing to give things a second shot.

I’m sure most experienced addicts already know that not all meetings are equal, but I’m still new to the whole recovery thing, and I’m trying to find what works for me. I would really appreciate any advice or insights about which meetings are best.


"Any meeting ran in a stake is ran by lds family services. They are the program head. The church gave lds family services the job of running the program. Missionaries are called by the bishop and stake president to run the meetings. If you want some insight to the program and to see how the program is supposed to be ran go to use the username of"arp" and the password of" update". This will give you all the information available to all missionaries and facilitators in the program. There are 2000+ in the army of group leaders and facilitators. About 25% of all groups are pasg groups which are just for sexual addictions. If you go to the site mentioned above it will also have great info on the 2009 addiction recovery conference. Check out Dr. Hiltons talk on sexual addiction ,it is amazing. I sure wish all groups were ran the same, they are trying to make all the materials and scripts standard throughout the country. Our group is so different than the experience you are having. Our members stay after and talk, we even have had a party at a local deli and socialized with each other. We are a family, no one is shy talking about porn and mast because all of us are there for the same reason, even the missionaries are recovering addicts. Our group average is about 20 with ages from 15-69 . I have also been to non lds meetings and they were great as well, but the language was crude, and I could not talk about the Savior or the church, or talk about the words of the living apostles. My suggestion is to try to stick to lds 12 step groups. they are ran under the direction of the Holy Priesthood, by missionaries set apart by our leaders. The program is put under the direction of lds family services, but the ultimate authority is the Prophet and the 12 and they have put their stamp of approval on this program. I hope you find a great group to call home and keep in touch here, this is a great site, with great people here who are willing to help.

Also if you can find the book "clean Hands Pure Heart" it is a great book to use along with the church's guide to addiction and recovery
all the best
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