Step 3 Reading
By sobermind
5/12/2009 8:58:09 AM
He desires to lead me throughout my days. He is all powerful, wow how humbling I cannot lead a handful of people but he can lead the whole world if necessary, his will be done, this is amazing. I can give him my everything and he will cause that his influences are felt on the hearts of those I lead. I must consistently seek his guidance. He asks for all of us. I must ask and be willing to submit. This is an enourmous change for me. I cannot continue to seek out my own pathway, he is long suffering and patient and desires that we seek out our path with him, he desires we lay our efforts at his feet and he will make grander plans then my limited mind can if it is his will. I will ask his will in all things, Lord what will thou have me do? This is what will become implanted. He is the greatest leader of all, and if it is his will to have me lead, I must find out how the master leads.
The next thing that I can see is the great attitude of Nephi had when he was persecuted praising the Lord all the day long and never Murmuring. I have sensed that I break down walls of protection anytime I murmur. My wife and I have sensed it. We must praise him constantly and he will deliver.


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"We cannot keep one foot in the Church and one foot in the world. One reason is the world and the Church are rapidly diverging. We will lose our balance.We know that "no man can serve two masters." Some, I fear, are attempting to do what President Marion G. Romney described as trying to "serve the Lord without offending the devil." "

— Larry W. Gibbons

General Conference October 2006