Day #27 Benjamin's Promise cont.
By sobermind
4/30/2009 9:10:25 AM
Ask in sincerity of hearth that HE would forgive you, Do I ask him specifically to apply his atoning sacrifice, do I believe it is his sacrifice and ability to do it, or my own efforts. I need to start asking more specifically.
Always retain a rememberance . . .your own nothingness and his goodness, am I believing that I am his servant or I am greatness, I must have a daily reprieve It does not matter who I am but Who's I am, I am nothing without his glory I am a temporary mass of cells that will die.
Calling on the name of the Lord Daily. . . Constant what should I do next Lord, what would thou have me do?
Standing Steadfast in faith, I am not perfect I have been forgiven of many things, that is my nature changed not my past, I will need to live through my body my memories until he sees fit to remove them and I turn to him to replace them.

The blessings resulting are tommorow I can't wait, although the requiements are a blessing as well.


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"We cannot keep one foot in the Church and one foot in the world. One reason is the world and the Church are rapidly diverging. We will lose our balance.We know that "no man can serve two masters." Some, I fear, are attempting to do what President Marion G. Romney described as trying to "serve the Lord without offending the devil." "

— Larry W. Gibbons

General Conference October 2006