Day #26 Benjamin's Promises
By sobermind
4/29/2009 2:59:32 PM
Believe in God, Believe he has all wisdom, and all power both in heaven and earth, believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend. Repent of your sins . . . and humble myself before God.

These are some great confidence verses, they state that he is the only source to look to. That I cannot take credit for any of my successes. As a matter of fact he is preserving me even as I type these words. These words when they have meaning are not of me they are from the source that provides inteligence. I should not boast in my strength ever. As I put together a project I will ensure that he is involved, that I am not seeking glory only to bring value to others and serve them for this service is serving him.
It also speaks to him working through me to bring this value specific to his children as he would want it. I will be provided for as I attack this with the wisdom of him who places the inspiration to begin with.
The other area is the repenting of all my sins, he will refine them as they come, but also the sin of pride, that is the source of any comparisons I have ever made. I feel like I should tell myself to grow up when I am comparing, I am ungreatful when I compare up, and arrogant when I look down. The worth of any soul is not for me to decide. Ultimately I will begin to see people as sons and daughters brothers and sisters. I am pretty sick when I do that comparing, this is an embarassing realization.


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"One of the great myths in life is when men think they are invincible. Too many think that they are men of steel, strong enough to withstand any temptation."

— James E. Faust

General Conference, April 2002