just peace
By robin
4/27/2009 7:42:46 PM
Matthew 22:30 — For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.
I had an interesting thought today as I was listening to conference. I don't even remember what Elder Scott said that triggered me to think of Matthew 22:30. This scripture has always puzzled me. No matter the explanation given by others I have found it unsettling. I wonder if this woman is me. Me in that in the next life I will just be me, my husband will just be him and there will be peace. No more more.( Angels are happy right?) No guilt either way, just peace. I think maybe this would be fairly attractive to my husband as well as myself.

One of my siblings recently ran into an old boyfriend of mine. My sibling was distressed at the intense questioning and interest he showed in me and my life. I found it all amusing and painful. Do we all think that we are going to get married and life will just be peachy only to find ourselves disillusioned...? Do we all think that "if only I had married another" things would be better? I don't often think life would have been better. I just hope to endure to the end and not be condemned.... in the end. I just want peace. I want the pain for both of us to stop. I don't want to wonder what I really am or have been to him any more. I just want peace inside.


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