What works for me.
By toes_23
2/15/2009 9:11:47 PM
I am starting over... again. This time that I've relapsed has really gotten me to think about what works. A little while ago someone blogged about what doesn't work, but I think we should talk about what does work, it will probably be more effective.

1. Prayer. Keeping the line of communication open with our Father in Heaven is always a good idea. Even in the midst of temptation a prayer can thwart my efforts for self destruction. It may not always work, but I think it is most effective when I am praying daily, not just when I'm struggling.

2. Scripture reading. Again, this is more effective when done daily. When I am being tempted it is hard to submerge myself into the scriptures because my mind is somewhere else, but it can be a barrier, and just like Helaman when he fortified their camp, we need to set up as many barriers as we can. The scriptures can be a deterrent for our enemies.

3. Make a list. Make a list of all the things you could be doing instead of self destructing. Things like exercise, cleaning the toilet, doing the dishes, calling your spouse or mother, call your sponsor, bishop or other loved one, bake some cookies, watch a move (a clean one of course), go hold your son/daughter/baby, paint, fix up the house (this even works late at night), lean something new, get out of the house, take a drive, go for a walk, get the mail.... JUST KEEP BUSY!!

Fortify your "camp" so Satan can't get to you as easily. Put the list somewhere you can see it so when you're tempted you can go down the list and do everything on the list if you have to so you STAY OUT OF TROUBLE.

4. Have a goal. If you're not temple worthy GET THERE. If you're not taking the sacrament GET THERE. If you're not sealed to your spouse GET THERE. Goals can be so motivating and help keep things into perspective. Always remember the ultimate goal is ETERNAL SALVATION!! I want to live with my Father in Heaven again and I refuse to let this addiction keep me from him.

5. Be honest with your loved ones/bishop. When I am being sneaky and secretive it only makes me feel even more alone.

Remember that your marriage is based on three people working together. If one of those people are being left out of anyones' life it will make things much harder.

6. Look at myself through another persons' eyes. This can give you a greater perspective as well. Tell yourself, like your talking to someone who loves you, what you've done. Heavenly Father will always forgive you. Maybe he already has and it's you who needs to forgive yourself. This is a good way of looking at it from His point of view.

Well this is really all I could come up with. I hope it helps someone.. if anyone else has some others ideas, please share.


other ideas    
"a group, I could not look at myself through another persons eyes because I told no one of my addiction and for the longest time, myself. I could not look into a mirror without disgust. A group helped me become honest with myself and others, I found I was not alone in my addiction, and that I was not uniquely broken, and could be fixed by the Atonement. I learned from others what works and what does not work. Thru sharing I found that Satan used the same lies on me that he uses on others. I learned how utilize the Atonement of my behalf. A group saved my marriage, my soul. It was not the group it was what I learned from the group, which was about the Atonement. I went to other types of 12 step groups but I learned the most from the Church Sponsored PASG groups. I put together a list of things and places that helped me it is a personal website of my notes and helps. I called it my pasg .com it is not any kind of official site, you are welcome to check it out the address is

by the way that is a great list you posted thanks Toes

posted at 21:37:35 on February 15, 2009 by harveyf
What works for me    
"I would like to echo a few of the ideas posted and add a few more

-Keeping busy, I find that I am the weakest when I have been wasting time, when I'm bored and I start looking for something to do

-Frequent fasting--I fast every sunday

-Frequent "check-ins" with my branch president, the two times that I have almost conquered my addiction have been times when I have visited with my bishop/branch president on an almost weekly basis and been honest about whether I have been clean in the previous week

-checking my emotions, not allowing myself to get excessively sad, stressed, angry, frustrated etc. these are all triggers for me and I have to remember that if I can choose my emotions and thoughts I can control my actions

-taking good care of myself physically--regular exercise, healthy eating etc.

-doing something different at the first sign of temptation, if I linger on the thought it becomes more likely that I will give in, if I redirect my thoughts into something wholesome I don't give in

-trying to figure out what is at the root of the problem. I have found that my addiction is a symptom of a deeper feeling of something lacking in my life

I guess that's it"
posted at 10:02:39 on February 16, 2009 by ican
"Nothing changes if Nothing changes"    
"I love that quote, I agree with what Ican said about doing something different at the first sign of temptation.

I have found that my biggest temptations is when I am alone and have an unfiltered computer. Now I try to not be home alone, and I have put k-9 on my systems. k9 filter is great and it is free and and as far as I know it is inpenitrable. I try to fiqure out what I am doing, and what is going on in my life to see if something is triggering me, and sometimes it is nothing, to be tempted is NOT a sin only giveing in to it is. I try to do something different, even if it is indulging in a lesser addiction, one that does not threaten my membership, like Video games. I know this is a bad answer, I should give it up to the Savior and go him instead of filling the hole with something else. I unfortuanatly do not always do what I know I should be doing.

posted at 15:41:43 on February 16, 2009 by harveyf
"I actually think video games are brilliant I am adding to my list

7. Video games"
posted at 18:35:09 on February 16, 2009 by toes_23

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