Just A Little Pick Me Up
By Matrix
9/30/2008 11:43:15 PM
So I just thought everyone might like a little pick me up and this is from an older blog but I think its great. Have a great day, everyone! Love you all.

"There were 2 guys and they were in both prison. One was a new immate and the other had been there for sometime. One day while sitting in the chow hall, a man stood up and yelled the number "24!" and the whole chow hall laughed and laghed. A few minutes later, another inmate stood up and yelled the number "54!", and once again the chow laughed and roared. Now this thing interested the new inmate, and was curious as to why people would stand up and yell numbers and people would laugh. So he leaned over and asked his friend why this was..."Hey man, why do guys stand up and yell a number and then they laugh?" To which his friend replied, "You see there is a joke book in the library and everyone knows all the jokes, so people just stand up and yell the numbers. and people laugh cause they know the jokes..." The new inmate was like, "oh...ok." So that night, he went to the library and read the joke book he was talking about. Now eager to make friends and fit in, on the next day at chow time, he stood up and yelled the number, "23!".....Dead silence....not a word...not a he sat down and took his seat, confused. He turned to his friend and asked, "Hey man, I thought that was a funny joke, everyone should have liked it, why didn't any one laugh?" And his friend replied with.."Sorry man, some people just don't know how to tell a joke...."


HA HA HA !!    
posted at 20:30:18 on October 1, 2008 by toes_23
that is one of my favorites ;o)    
"; 0 ()"
posted at 02:09:16 on October 4, 2008 by ROBIN
Nice to smile    
"Addiction involves so much pain, shame, is great to be able to share a smile--thanks! (And to remember the flip side: addiction, while we wouldn't wish it on our worst enemy, can lead to humility, a closer relationship with our Savior and Heavenly Father, greater compassion for others, ultimately success, etc.) Again--we should smile once in awhile."
posted at 12:26:44 on October 10, 2008 by stargazer

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