I finally told my ARP group what my addictions are
By zoltib
9/4/2008 2:33:08 AM
I've been going to ARP meetings for over a year now, but Tuesday night for the first time I told the group what my addictions are. Up to this point I've been very careful to be vauge and not tell them what my addictions are. I've admitted to being an addict, I've just never said what my addictions are.

On my way to the meeting last night I had the feeling that I needed to tell everyone, that it was time to get it out. I almost didn't, I waited until the facilitator asked if anyone else wanted to share before he closed the meeting before I started to share.

The reactions I got were just what I knew they would be. Empathy and love. A couple people thanked me for sharing, and I'm glad I did. I'm glad it's finally out there.


I'm So Proud of You    
"Way to go!!! I'm so glad you finally told someone. It's a great relief, huh? If people have been through or seen others go through an addiction, they only love you more for admitting it. I'm so happy for you. You are doing great."
posted at 12:25:38 on September 4, 2008 by Matrix

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