Sacrament Question
By Matrix
7/10/2008 3:07:13 PM
I'm basically just wondering when it's NOT okay to take the sacrament. I messed up and it'll be a couple weeks until I can go and see my bishop about it so I'm just wondering what to do about it until then. I've been told to take it unless told otherwise. Is that true? Does anyone know? Thanks


"I had a bishop tell me that if you don't feel worthy, then don't take it. Even if I hadn't talked to him yet, if I didn't feel worthy then I shouldn't take it... He also said that if taking the sacrament helped me to do better with my addictions throughout the week then I should go ahead and take it... that way I wouldn't be so hard on myself and start a spiral of depression.

Before my eternal companion and I got married we messed up hard core, it was weeks before I could get a hold of my bishop... I didn't feel worthy, so I didn't take the sacrament.

Hope this helps."
posted at 20:57:45 on July 10, 2008 by toes_23
"I'm just wondering because I messed up badly with a guy. It happened a couple times and the only thing good I can say is that I'm still a virgin but barely that. Does it automatically mean no sacrament for a while? I just don't know."
posted at 13:12:52 on July 11, 2008 by Matrix
Well said, Toes.    
"I tend to agree with the second opinion (about taking it to help with my addictions throughout the week, even when I may not "feel" worthy.) This is because part of my disease as an addict involves unwarranted feelings of unworthiness. ALOT of the time, even after repentence, I struggle with forgiving myslef. I've always thought, "Well, you can't just sin throughout the week and expect forgiveness just by asking Heavenly Father for it on Sunday morning and then take the sacrament." But isn't that EXACTLY what we're supposed to do? Isn't that what the sacrament is for? Everyone alive will sin during the week. We all are in need of At-one-ment. No one escapes with a "sinless" week. As James Farrel illustrates in his latest book, the first sacrament prayer is where we take Christs name upon us and we promise to keep His commandments. The second sacrament prayer is for when we inevitably fail at that task to remind us of the Blood of our Savior and that there was an Atonement made so that we might be forgiven."
posted at 14:21:06 on July 11, 2008 by Anonymous
"that excludes, of course, the more seriouis of sins. The ones that might put us on probation or threaten our membership in the church"
posted at 14:24:41 on July 11, 2008 by Anonymous

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