Two Weeks "Sober"
By Matrix
6/30/2008 8:59:20 AM
I don't really have anything exciting to report. I'm 15 days sober since my last relapse and things in that area of my life are going well. I'm going to talk to my bishop about finding a group meeting to attend. I've never been to one before but I want to go. I know I'll find one though since I do live in good ol' happy valley where everything is made quickly available. I'll probably get nervous before I actually go though but maybe I won't. It's a lot easier to tell complete strangers what kinds of problems I'm having because I'm not so afraid about them judging me. If they do judge, I have the choice on whether or not I'll ever see them again but it is very liberating to not keep secrets even if the only people that know don't know you.


Hi Matrix!    
"Is great to hear about the 15 day mark - one day at a time! Here is a link to all the recovery groups for the Church - click on the area you live in and it'll give you a more detailed list from there. Keep up the good fight -- you're doing great!,11664,4177-1,00.html"
posted at 09:46:54 on June 30, 2008 by whitewolf
Let us know...    
"Let us know how it goes. I'm curious to see if you have the same problems with group that I am having."
posted at 10:11:23 on June 30, 2008 by toes_23
Good Job, Matrix    
"and good luck with going to your first meeting. I know how scary the first meeting can be but I think there's a 85 percent chance that you're going to feel alot better after the meeting and want to return. Please go. Where is happy valley?"
posted at 17:39:07 on June 30, 2008 by Anonymous
Horse manure!    
""I don't really have anything exciting to report."

I hate to be argumentative, but I strongly disagree with the above statement. Every day sober and recovering is something to be cherished and celebrated. I once heard a man at a recovery program conference state that he had been sober like 7 hours. He had been sober altogether about 10 years, but he was just counting the hours since he woke up that morning. I’m always very impressed with the first few weeks of sobriety.

So: CONGRATULATIONS! HURRAY! HIGH FIVE! (Insert sounds of a one-man-band here. Bass drum, horn, cymbal etc.) Here, have a party noise maker.

Definitely push past the fears and attend 12 step meetings. Every addict at the meeting understands what it takes to walk through that door the first time. I’m a porn addict and my first meeting was a general one at my in-laws ward house. I’ve never regretted going.

Toes 23,
You might try attending another meeting if you’re having issues with one. Even though all meetings are very similar, I’ve found some I like better than others. A different facilitator can make a lot of difference.

btw sorry for the bad language."
posted at 17:31:15 on July 1, 2008 by justjohn

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