Major Fustrated
By bignavajo
6/19/2008 11:28:10 PM
Hey Ya'll, I am gettin pretty fustrated with myself and I am totally determined to go get a drink tonite- this week has just been long and I am trying to keep the images and thoughts out of my mind, but for some unknown resond they find their way back in and I have to smoke just to stop it, I totally know that the program works and that my HEAVENLY FATHER are there, I am prayin like crazy but sometime i think that it not sincere enough and i feel ashamed for tryin. I feel like I am letting myself down and letting my fiance' down and i get irritated what should I do at this point?


You are doing the exact opposite of letting yourself and your fiance' down    
"If I were you I wouldn't trust my own thinking too much at this point. In my opinion you are putting in a very humble and sincere effort to get better. That's all that's expected of you at this point. I know what it feels like to want so bad to be completely healed overnight but that's not the way recovery works. We do our best and we have to be ACCEPTING of our slow progress. When we mentally abuse ourselves satan gets a '2-for-the-price-of-1' deal out of it. He gets the self-loathing, which he relishes; and he gets the relapse that it leads to.
Are you doing everything you can to recover? If so, then be content in your efforts. I told you before it's not always a good idea to quit two addictions at once. Only you know what's right for you but if smoking is all you can do to not drink right now, so be it. The smoking will follow as soon as you get a good grasp on recovery.
If there is more that you could be doing for your recovery for example going to more meetings, getting a sponsor and so on, I suggest praying for the willingness to do these things...and then do them. Good luck, Bignavajo"
posted at 12:18:53 on June 20, 2008 by Anonymous
It's a war!    
"The problems we deal with as addicted people can sometimes feel impossible to deal with. It is warefare. We know our enemy,We know his capabilities and also how deadly he is. Dig your fox hole, Tighten your helmet strap and prepare for battle! It may get real ugly but you have to WANT TO WIN THE WAR! If you dont want to win the war,Find a good MORTICIAN! Soldier up, Saint!"
posted at 11:47:03 on June 22, 2008 by Soldier83
"I need Huntsville contact info"
posted at 14:57:26 on July 13, 2008 by examae
"Contact the GEORGIA AGENCY: (770) 939-2121 for more info but here's the meetings that are in Huntsville every week. Good luck to you.

Thursday 7:00 PM Florence Ward Bldg. 1828 Broadway Blvd., Florence, AL
In the Relief Society Room

Thursday 7:00 PM Huntsville Stake Center
In the Relief Society Room

Tuesday 7:00 PM Cartersville Stake
In the Relief Society Room"
posted at 16:35:48 on July 13, 2008 by Anonymous

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