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By SWarrior
2/8/2015 1:45:57 AM
We are looking for filters for our computer - something that keeps track of history. Any suggestions? We don't want it too restricted that you need a password for everything but we want to keep the crap sites from showing up (anyone know what the schools use?)


Filter help    
"A lot of schools use K-9 web protection. K-9 is free. No filters is set it and forget it. For having a accountability partner you could use Net Nanny. I hope this help. The internet is a cesspool of filth as pornography addicts know."
posted at 05:11:51 on February 13, 2015 by Anonymous
covenant eyes    
"it is about 10 dollars a month will send an email to your bishop or wife or whom ever you set up. If a bad site is tried an email is sent If you know that your bishop and wife is going to see what you are looking at what a great deterrent

k9 works great but can be deleted, if you try that with covenant eyes an email is also sent out"
posted at 06:38:28 on February 21, 2015 by harveyf
Open DNS is the perfect filter    
"The thing about K-9 is its device restricted meaning you have to have it installed on every device that your family uses. Open DNS installs on your router so anyone accessing your wifi or wired internet in your house will be filtered. You can control it from anywhere and allow specific domains. It's very effective. It also tracks sites that someone tries to access that are blocked. It's a very good tool."
posted at 22:02:20 on May 31, 2015 by Anonymous

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