An Invitation...Free Recovery Seminar
By Roger
9/8/2014 10:46:05 PM
Saturday September 27 in Houston TX, Roger Stark author of "The Waterfall Concept; A blueprint for addiction recovery" will present a Reveille Mini-Camp, Addiction 101. It is a great chance to further understanding addiction and the steps of the recovery process. Register by emailing


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"By emulating the Master, who endured temptations but “gave no heed unto them,” we, too, can live in a world filled with temptations “such as [are] common to man”. Of course Jesus noticed the tremendous temptations that came to him, but He did not process and reprocess them. Instead, He rejected them promptly. If we entertain temptations, soon they begin entertaining us! Turning these unwanted lodgers away at the doorstep of the mind is one way of giving “no heed.” Besides, these would-be lodgers are actually barbarians who, if admitted, can be evicted only with great trauma."

— Neal A. Maxwell

General Conference May 1987