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By sjanderson
9/8/2014 10:32:43 AM
I have nearly 47 days of sobriety and things seem to be getting worse between my wife and I. I have been able to maintain my sobriety, but she seems to be looking to find fault with me more and more. I hesitate in brining this up beause I know that I have to choose sobriety no matter what, it is just that life has become very very difficult between the two of us. So much so I have been staying outside the home for the last three weeks and there is no end in sight for our separation. my mother in law is coming down hopefully to help my wife get some counseling and help. we believe that there may be a deeper psychological issue that my wife is dealing with, which may explain some of her challenges. Again that doesn't excuse or justify my behavior, but understanding what you are working with can help make life a little bit easier.

I have been thinking recently that this experience may be the opportunity to share the Gospel with my in laws ... not that I am the one nor do I know how things will work out. But the fact that my parents and her parents who are not members have been able to talk and work together and discuss the challenges that our family faces, the reality of what may be coming and the desire for everyone to try and avoid it as much as possible may be the way to open the hearts of my in laws. Not that they need any lessons on charity or service to others, they have so many of those kind principles already down pat. I just remember listening to Chad Hymas experience, a man who was paralyzed in a farming accident. he said that before his accident his mother was not a member of the church but that over the years she began to see the Lord's hand in life and they as a family became closer. I know I am butchering this and not really able to express what is in my heart. I am trying to focus on the positive possibilities, because the hard cold 'realities' are scary and very sobering to think about.

I am trying to take the positive and focus on the positive, tell my self positive things and to let the Savior work in my life. I believe my biggest obstacle has been patience. I have done what I thought was necessary in the past but it was obviously not enough and then I get a little upset because things are not in my time. Well here is to another 24 hours


Thanks for the update    
"Thanks for checking in. Even though it isn't all sunshine and roses, it is good to know you are hanging in there. Keep on keeping on. And what's that quote about "preaching the gospel at all times, and if necessary, us words"? Something like that. Ya, share the gospel with your in-laws and maybe even say something to them if it feels right! :)"
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    — Russell M. Nelson

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