Going strong on day 43
By torrenca
6/24/2014 11:41:11 PM
This week I find myself more comfortable with my decision to turn my problems over to him. Last week I was fighting to accept the fact that I am happier when I follow him.

I don't need to rebel and sabotage the progress that I have made.
I don't want or need to do things to put myself down.
I have no need to punish myself for my past.
I don't want or need my addictions of porn and masturbation.

These are a few of the things that I am trying to work on. Keeping clean is my number one priority and the easiest way for me is to do this is to follow him. Not to rebel against what I know is right.

I am also thankful for a kind and caring wife. She has been so helpful to me and supports any way she can. I think that praying with her has helped us get closer together and keep us on the right path so we can become a strong couple again.


"That is really great. Forty-three days is a great start of the beginning of your journey. Walk close with the LORD as you continue, find joy in this life and look forward with faith and hope toward the next life."
posted at 00:09:52 on June 27, 2014 by Anonymous
Yea Torrenca!    
"So wonderful to hear what a great spot you are at in your journey. If you haven't, print off your entry and keep it in your journal. There are ups and downs in this journey and having strong reminders of the good times are important and helpful. Give your wife an extra hug from me (also a wife of a recovering addict) and tell her that I think she is great."
posted at 21:34:58 on July 2, 2014 by 1stepatatime

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"Freedom from your transgression will come through sincere faith, true repentance, willing obedience, and the giving of self. Why the giving of self? Because selfishness is at the root of your problem. Where selfishness and transgression flourish, the Spirit of the Lord can’t enter your life to bless you. To succeed, you must conquer your selfishness. When your beacon is focused on self, it does little more than blind your vision. When turned outward through acts of kindness and love, it will light your path to happiness and peace. "

— Richard G. Scott

General Conference May 1990