Feeling a little in limbo
By torrenca
6/16/2014 8:58:47 PM
I'm on day 35 I am finding myself not knowing where to go from here. I am feeling comfortable. I am not letting my addiction run my life but I know I need to keep working the steps but I find myself not wanting to. I have always resisted getting to churchie it doesn't feel right to me I have always had the desire to stay right on the edge of good and bad. I know it would be best for me to get off the edge but I don't know if I want to. I still pray most nights with my wife and try to touch base with my sponsor at least once a day. I have been going to church every week since I started except for stake conference. I still don't feel comfortable there but I know in time I will. I still find myself not wanting to participate in everything at church because I don't know if I should. My Bishop hasn't told me not to participate but i'm not sure if i'm ready for everything yet. I think its time to schedule another appointment with the bishop and talk to him about it but who knows.

Things are going well with my wife. I like talking to her now. We talk for at least 15min before we go to sleep this helps a lot. Now we know what each other is doing and what is on our minds. I find myself wanting to be closer to her and knowing what is going on in her life when we are apart.

I guess that's about it for this time


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