Step 3 Exercise #1 Harmony with the will of God
By GraceConquer
5/14/2014 10:36:15 AM
Think about what it means to live my life in Harmony with the willl of God.

This means that I am daily, hourly or moment by moment checking in with the promptings of the spirit. This means that I know that he is Father and I am his child and he can guide me through this life better than I can even concieve of being able to on my own. It means that I am tuned in to the spirit for decisions, that I seek things out in my own mind, but not before asking for his involvement and whenever possible I return to confirm decisions I am making. It means that anything in my life that is causing an interuption or disturbance with the his messenger and member of the God head the Holy Ghost, I need to cease or remove myself from such.

In thinking about his enabling power coming into my life as I turn to him how do I feel about letting God direct my life?

I believe it makes sense logically. I fear it though. I feel this decision to allow him to direct me takes a lot of faith to replace this fear. I suppose it takes a lifetime of faith. I am hopeful that a disciplined study of his WILL will prove fruitful and bring happiness, I am a child and a rebelious child at times I suppose. I am also affraid of what will be asked. This fear is not for the present it is for the future and I must have faith that he will ask only that which he makes me equal to. Again easier and more logically thought then performed. I feel peaceful to face these obstacles to me turning over my will.

For today I can begin the habit of constantly deciding to turn over my will.


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"The solution to this problem ultimately is neither governmental nor institutional. Nor is it a question of legality. It is a matter of individual choice and commitment. Agency must be understood. The importance of the will in making crucial choices must be known. Then steps toward relief can follow."

— Russell M. Nelson