Second day: Nothing big to report
By nephitegirl
2/14/2014 1:36:14 AM
I may be using this blog thing incorrectly, but I think daily writing will help me a lot.

I am sick today.Ugh, nausea/fever/ickiness. Got it from the old lady upstairs above my apartment. Actually had to come home early from work because of it.

A very short temptation for a minute after I came home from work, but was easily conquered with eating saltine crackers. I think I was just hungry.

I've put internet filters (Firefox and Google Chrome both offer free add-ons/extensions for filtering pornography btw) on my computer. Firefox even has a cool thing that lets you set limits on how much time you spend on specific websites, or blocks them entirely during set times of the day. So, I set it to my favorite websites (not this one or other addiction recovery sites) so I can't spend too much time playing around on the internet at all. It's called LeechBlock. I love it!

I hope this will help someone else who needs to filter these things but is as poor as I am and needs free stuff.


Keep up the good work    
keep up the good work.You've made it one more day! Awesome, you can do this with the Saviour's help! Hang in there"
posted at 20:30:54 on February 14, 2014 by sjanderson

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"My brethren who are caught in this addiction or troubled by this temptation, there is a way. Don’t accommodate any degree of temptation. Prevent sin and avoid having to deal with its inevitable destruction. So, turn it off! Look away! Avoid it at all costs. Direct your thoughts in wholesome paths. Please heed these warnings. Let us all improve our personal behavior and redouble our efforts to protect our loved ones and our environment from the onslaught of ography that threatens our spirituality, our marriages, and our children. "

— Dallin H. Oaks

General Conference, April 2005