Relationship advice?
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12/28/2013 2:01:52 PM
Sorry if this doesn't belong on this website but i really don't have anywhere else to go for advice because of how touchy the subject is. Here is my story:

My best friend met this one girl that was visiting her older sister who lives in our stake. The sister was the one who wanted her younger sister to meet some people here because she was planning on staying for at least a month; she needed some people to hang out with. My friend had a crush on her and then found out she had a crush on him too so they started "dating". But they never really said they were dating for a while. Back to the point, it was just us three who hung out a lot. I got to know her pretty well even though she was dating someone else. I was the third wheel in this situation. Later on I find out she has a twin. Long story VERY short, i start dating her twin. But before we considered ourselves to be dating, she was abusive, a jerk, and acted like i was totally inferior. Then slowly we began dating. I am skipping a lot of information here but I now love her a lot!! and the problem is that I love her twin too... i feel like "she's the one". maybe its only because she's the one who wasn't a jerk to me and subconsciously i love her more. but my best friend is dating her, and if I ever leave then she will always be there to taunt me and hate me for leaving her. this is just an ugly situation... i know i dont have it the worst by any means, but i still need to figure this out. any advice is really appreciated

if you love someone, can you live the rest of your life with them EVEN if you love someone more?


"I've learned when it comes to relationships and love there are few rules if any and nobody knows them :) But, I do like this vid and I think it applies well:

( )"
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wow, thanks THEY_SPEAK    
"that applies shockingly well, i just dont know what to do with that information.... you know?"
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Answer to your question    
"So, you asked, "if you love someone, can you live the rest of your life with them EVEN if you love someone more?"

The answer is yes. People do it all the time. People live the rest of their lives with spouses they don't even love. People live the rest of their lives with spouses they love--but they have affairs with other people.

I suspect the question you asked is not really the question you want answered. Perhaps you are asking, "Should I pursue a permanent, marital relationship with a woman who has a history of being somewhat abusive if I love her anyway, and I love her sister more?"

Is that what you are asking? If not, please clarify.

And before I give my opinion, it would also help and be relevant if you would share your age, your education and employment plans, and the strength of your desire to serve a mission (if you haven't) and/or be married in the temple."
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