One last try
By sjanderson
11/11/2013 7:34:13 PM
I have tried twice already to post my feelings. I am not sure if it is going to get. I am drowning, or feeling like I am drowning. My wife told me I need to find somewhere else to get help that I am dragging her down and that she can't handle my negativity. I am trying hard to battle against pornography and those related addictions but more importantly I am trying to battle against anger against God for a body that is failing me, for not feeling able to support myself and family. If I can get this up, maybe I'll write more, but after pouring my heart into two posts to only be told that I wasn't logged in doesn't give me a lot of hope.

I am trying to turn to God, and I can only say I understand maybe a little bit of what others suffering has been like because of the hurt and things I have expereinced in my own life. I hope to share again soon


Yeah man    
"I HATE when that I happens. I copy my logs (when I remember) before click to post just incase it's logged me out. Sometimes if it's a real taxing 'important' blog I just write it in Pages (Word on PC) first."
posted at 05:47:27 on November 12, 2013 by they_speak
Thanks for the kind words    
"I appreciate the kind words. It was particularly frustrating because I thought I was coming to some sort of discovery as I wrote those two blog posts out last night and to only have them dropped off was disappointing. But as you said it seems important to have a plan :)."
posted at 08:31:35 on November 12, 2013 by sjanderson

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