I'm doing good.
By mint
10/13/2013 10:58:35 AM
Hello peoples. I guess known and unknown, because we never....know.

Anyway, just saying I'm doing good. Good as in a feel good about myself. Never got my crap together but I have never let that get me down. Because depression is lame. And useless. But yep I'm doing good. Haha I don't even know why I keep writing. Alright guys peace!

Oh and all you guys who are depressed because of your problems, don't be. Because maybe you think its helping you because your going through the repentance process by feeling "sorrow" or something, I think you might be dishonest to yourselves. I've done this. Do something bad, feel sad, wallow and say "My future wife and kids" and junk but a few hours later I felt nothing. Its a drama show for yourself. You don't really feel as bad as you want yourself to feel. I think that true pain and sorrow can only come from gospel understanding and sincere praying. And when you have the spirit with you, you can truly understand your actions. But when your done with your particular sin, I can almost guarantee that you don't have the spirit with you, so can you feel that Godly sorrow? I doubt it. So why do it?

Why make a scene for yourself. Why talk crap to yourself. For me, I decided a while ago to stop giving my problems so much attention. Stop letting my problems dictate my thoughts. My true problem was that I was doing bad things but that I wasn't doing good things. The good things would protect me (Holy Ghost) from doing those bad things. But I am stupid, I don't do enough good things. So I am left with my bad actions. So until I am disciplined enough to change my life to so MOSTLY good things, I have decided to not give my sins more attention then they deserve. Thoughts equal actions and if my thoughts are in a bad place my body and soul will end up in bad places.

That's my rant! I stay positive and don't dwell on the negative.

minty toothpaste.


Good to see you back    
"Mr. Toothpaste :-)"
posted at 13:51:17 on October 13, 2013 by Anonymous
"This is one of my favorite posts by you. I, and I believe my mission president, totally agree with you about Godly sorrow. It's a thing of the Spirit. Guilt, the sorrow of the damned, is a paltry charade. At least for me. And it certainly hasn't helped motivate me to repent. You've inspired me to seek the Spirit to guide me in my feelings of sorrow for my sins. Wise post man. Wise post. One I'll be pondering on for a minute."
posted at 23:37:29 on October 13, 2013 by they_speak
Well, some effort is better than no effort...    
posted at 08:55:42 on October 14, 2013 by Anonymous

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"Develop discipline of self so that, more and more, you do not have to decide and redecide what you will do when you are confronted with the same temptation time and time again. You need only to decide some things once. How great a blessing it is to be free of agonizing over and over again regarding a temptation. "

— Spencer W. Kimball