By wantfreedom
7/16/2013 11:29:16 PM
Well today was a roller coaster of emotions. I was all over the place. It was really hard on the wife seeing me happy then extremely sad then happy and back and forth. I am so happy that she is loving and supporting. As I was feeling my worst I have felt in a long time she suggested that we pray together(which honestly we do not do very often) and after we prayed we read 1 Nephi 11. She wants to understand why I act the way I do and why I choose to continue in my addiction but I am glad she doesnt. It was raining really hard here today which always makes me reflect on God and His creations. So today I did relapse. I knew I couldnt be alone so I was with my brother all day today but within five minutes of him going to get us lunch I messed up. I guess not being alone or at least having a task on hand helps me. Something to take note of for tomorrow. I still really struggle with prayer. So today was more of a journal entry. But I got my first video from that nine month program. Cant wait to watch it real quick before I go to sleep. Keep moving my brothers and sisters. One Step at a time.


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"I will speak briefly of the principle of repentance. How grateful I am for the understanding we have of this great principle. It is not a harsh principle, as I thought when I was a boy. It is kind and merciful. The Hebrew root of the word means, simply, "to turn," or to return, to God. Jehovah pled with the children of Israel: "Return . . . and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you: for I am merciful . . . and I will not keep anger for ever. Only acknowledge thine iniquity, that thou hast transgressed against the Lord thy God." When we acknowledge our sins, confess them and forsake them, and turn to God, He will forgive us."

— Richard G. Hinckley

General Conference April 2006