Kicking *kick it* down
By mint
4/8/2013 9:04:50 PM
Here are some things that people on here have said that are, in my opinion, unnecessary:

"Your diseased attitudes are showing."

"Man, this whole unclean spirit gig... I think you have just found yet another distraction to make yourself feel unique and better than other people."

"You are like so many a**hole Mormons who can't believe that their experience must be everyone else's" "I've seen men, women, and infants die because of sh** like you" "So go somewhere else, you a**hole troll, you're obviously whole and need no physician" "The unclean spirit is far from out of you, it just manifests itself in a different way now."

"there is a chance that with Kick it and his wife, we are dealing with persons with mental illness"

"Don't you see???? It is better down here with the rest of us. Wallowing in the muck" (although it was in the context of the atonement, the statement still amazes me).

"Maybe for me, it is best to ignore his posts because they are both unreal and they serm pretty contentious"

"Lol. I don't want to kick against the poor man's prick! Too freakin' funny!"

"A careful inspection of Kick It's words makes me wonder if Kick It is in fact a devil worshipper" "I think everybody should take a step back to think about who Kick It's master truly is."

"Kick It makes more dick comments that should make my blood boil enough to comment the reason i'm not commenting is because I'm through with this impostor"

I know it's really easy to kick someone and trying to bring them down, but how does this help anyone?. Honestly how can you guys have such mob like mentalities. Its ridiculous how people can come together to hate someone. Again, this is another example of people here just loving a heated (and unfortunately nasty/mean) conversation instead of focusing on trying to help each other. Those posts have less then 5 comments usually, but wow look at KickIts "MISUNDERSTANDING" post and wooo 34 comments!!

I'm not going to say you guys should be ashamed of yourself because I've participated in these types of conversations where we have heated debates (and had "fun"), but honestly what the hell are your motives for some of the things you guys say?

Are you trying to HELP kick it or kick him DOWN? (Or is that question too simple).

Are you lashing out against him with the excuse of defending someone else? (Oh no you're past that, its not about the things he has said to other people anymore.)

Did you somehow take personal offense to something he said and now you're entitled to be a total dick. (Still not the reason? And I find it funny the people who did actually get offended, like Girlie, acted extremely mature about it!! She brushed it off.)

Is it possible some of you hate his success and progress, something be should be proud of but apparently he not allowed to be proud of? (You guys hate his "prideful" tone but that's still not what's driving this witch-hunt)

No, you guys just love coming together and bashing a particular person you guys dont like. Yes, they might be flawed, like maybe not choosing the best choice of words or sounding judgey. But! Does that really give any of us the right to be so malicious???? Honestly, its just venom you guys are spitting out. I know people like Speak enjoy these little duals (myself included) but man some of these comments are ridiculous.

Calling him insane? Him and his wife a mental illness, honestly it's just amazing what a MOB MENTALITY can do to a group of people.

Please, let me know if I'm wrong on this. And I know this names KickIt specifically but honestly its a question about why the hell we say what we say on here and why we're so vile sometimes.


I know exactly what I find so offensive.    
"Because it is like looking in a mirror. Kick-it wears on his sleeve what I feel shame for in myself. No, I don't hate his success. I don't recognize it! I just see the prideful buffoon that I really am!

And mint, I am confused now, aren't you and kick it the two guys who said you wanted to skip all the mushy butt-pinching and back-patting? Aren't you the two that called for more STRAIGHT TALK or TOUGH LOVE?

When I brought up mental illness, I was being sincere. I wanted the attacks to stop, ON BOTH SIDES, Yes, minty fresh, Kick it has been on the attack, too!

By their fruits you shall know them. He has brought enmity and this is ALWAYS the biproduct of pride."
posted at 21:56:34 on April 8, 2013 by Anonymous
Awww, so kick it has some fangs, too!    
"Probably laziness my friend. You can call me Steve if that helps, though."
posted at 22:15:08 on April 8, 2013 by Anonymous
Kick it...    
"I'm gonna take a guess and say that you preferred to play the "bad cop""
posted at 22:26:45 on April 8, 2013 by Anonymous
"Yes, you are exactly like the prophets that were stoned, beheaded, tarred and feathered.
So ironic that you would quote 3 Nephi 11:29-30.

You keep trying to remove the mote from our eye, have you asked yourself why it is not working?"
posted at 22:39:28 on April 8, 2013 by Anonymous
Aren't we all anonymous on here?    
"Unless that's you, Uncle Ralph? It IS you!!!!
How've you been, you old coot???"
posted at 22:44:00 on April 8, 2013 by Anonymous
"In light of the fact that Kick It has been kicking down the others on this site, what do you, Mint, think the appropriate response should be?"
posted at 03:04:20 on April 9, 2013 by Anonymous
"To anon"I know exactly what I find so offensive": Well, I never meant tough to be prison rape type of tough. I meant you know a father telling you what to do to get a life or something. But, all I'm saying is lets not be too mean, that's all.

To Kickit: I'm not worried about alienating myself. If that means I will sacrifice saying what I feel prompted to say, than I dont want to be apart of any group. Yes they dont seem to like your comments, but I guess all we can do is help those that want it. And I forgot to say this, but a lot of people have come to your defense, like HERO and some anonymous. So your not completely being stoned just the ones throwing them are really loud.

I will say tho, I think being repetitive is confusing us. I didnt quite understand the whole unclean spirits thing, and still have more to research, but what if a lot of others still dont. I mean, they could be getting frustrated. So all I'm saying for you is, maybe try to explain differently. And I know some are just making fun of you but its a cool concept and it could help others.

As far as you being judgy and stuff, ya I get that sense too but I'm not sure that's so bad. If I need some stern words please give them to me. But if someone is offended, maybe try to clarify idk. You know what your doing but I just hope people here dont spit venom.

To anon "curious": An appropriate response. Well I guess I haven't been offended by him so I can't say what I would say from experience. But I would say, if a person is offended, let that person respond. Then see what kickit says back. Because all these personal attacks get away from the message and what if that message actually helps the person that would've been offended. I mean, we should just af least give the message a chance because sometimes we dont even touch that and get into drama. Which is what all this is, drama and its really not helping anyone. In fact, it hurts us. I know I dont feel good after arguing, just feel like a won something that should not have been won."
posted at 01:02:36 on April 10, 2013 by mint

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