By pizzakdtacob
3/14/2013 7:01:25 AM
Hey guys,
I'm still in my teens and I've been struggling with an addiction to porn and masturbation since I've been a little over 12. What started out as a curious embarkment turned out to be one of the worst decisions of my life. Its ruined some of the best parts of my adolescence and has given me a lot of guilt that has been difficult to live with. I've tried countless times to desist from this destructive habit but after just enough time I always turn back. Well, today I've decided to try this site because I feel like I need some external support to get me back on the straight and narrow.

In the last year or so I went to a youth conference where I was told by the Spirit to fix myself up and so I resolved to change. I told my dad and I asked him to help but I think he felt uncomfortable and wasn't of much aid to me as he could be. My mother later found out too when she saw me refusing to take the sacrament and confronted me. She's the same as my dad. The bottom line is that my parents aren't reliable and so I need to get support from elsewhere so I can overcome this.

Recently, (since Sunday) I decided I would stop altogether. I heard a great talk that it only takes 21 days to form a habit so I decided I would read the Book of Mormon and pray for 21 days straight. I was successful until yesterday. Yesterday morning I woke up and right from the get-go I was repeatedly tempted and pushed to my limits. My body was irritated and this lasted until last nightt when I gave in.

Anyways, right after I felt really guilty and went straight to my scriptures and read a little of Spencer W. Kimball's book. Starting now I never want to turn back, Hope for as much help as possible from you guys!
God bless


"I commend you for wanting to change your life for the better. I think you are on the right track in turning to your parents (even though they weren't of much help), your scriptures, and the words of the prophets.

Remember it all starts with fantasies. When you can control that, no matter how difficult, it will stop you from that path that leads to p&m. Look up "Porn Addiction Straight Talk- Fantasies" on YouTube. Tony Lister gives some great advice and counsel on the topic. His handle is curethecraving.

All the best."
posted at 11:43:00 on March 14, 2013 by StayingClean
As a late teen trying to prepare for my mission.    
"I understand exactly how you feel. It was only a few years ago that I was in your shoes. I think its good that you realized you have a real problem, and it really is. The world will try to make it a smaller deal than it is, but they're wrong. They dont know what you know. The gospel has blessed you with so much, but that also gives you more responsibility. What you need to to is do the basic things and that will make all the difference. Keep going to church and youth activities, work on your progress boom, do your Sunday school homework.

BUT! The most important thing to do is to do 3 things. Pray. Read your scriptures. And keep in touch with your bishop. If you can't do the last one, then the first 2 always!!! Please, my biggest mistake was not doing those three things and I find myself unworthy myself and not ready for a mission.

I'm trying to think of a way to help you, like more help. Be careful if personal information here."
posted at 00:11:12 on March 15, 2013 by mint
"i think it very very cool you reach out to your parents!!!!!! I have teenager sons and they never brought this up to me and I wish they would confide in me or just want to talk and I would LOVE if they ask for advice from me. haha. You have a wonderful spirit as a young man feeling the spirit of what right and wrong. Have you ever tried lds 12 step mtgs. Many and many and are wonderful. "Clean forever"....Take it one day at a time...cuz your mind going to not always want to be clean....One day. God way one day to focus at a time...Blessings if you obey His will-he will bless you so much overtime.:)"
posted at 19:17:53 on March 15, 2013 by marie sober

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"Are you battling a demon of addiction—tobacco or drugs, or the pernicious contemporary plague of ography? Whatever other steps you may need to take to resolve these concerns, come first to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Trust in heaven’s promises. In that regard Alma's testimony is my testimony: "I do know," he says, "that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions."

— Jeffrey R. Holland

General Conference, April 2006