Problem with mb. Help.
By James R
1/26/2013 3:15:54 PM
I have been having urinary problems "down there" that my doctor says is very uncommon for people in their early 20's. Anyway, the Dr. said I should be masturbating frequently each week or even daily on an ongoing basis. This is definitely new for me, but I don't really feel ashamed to do it since it's for my health. However I have a hard time doing it because I guess I just don't really want to enough. (To clarify, I don't have ED problems). Also, the actual process takes longer than I think it does for most people and is tedious. That being said it doesn't feel bad at all (obviously); I just think it would help if it were something I really craved to do.

So addicts out there, how can I be just a little more addicted? I just don't want it bad nor do I need it, and that is a problem. Also, for the record, I have no interest in pornography because it is just too vicarious for me. Nor do I have problems with SSA for the record. The good doctor recommended I communicate the issue with my gf if I had one (I don't). I don't think he's LDS :/


Strange doctor    
"As far as I know, standard solutions for urinary problems include certain fruits, juices, and water, as well as some medication. I can see masturbation as being helpful for PROSTATE or TESTICULAR issues, but you said you had URINARY problems. That's mostly a different system, and I personally doubt masturbation is the solution.

I could be wrong, of course, since I'm no doctor. I recommend you get a second opinion and don't return to your first doctor if your second doctor indicates masturbation is NOT a cure for urinary problems. That might indicate your first doctor is a little perverted (scary).

If you do have medical reasons for masturbating, I would strongly recommend you don't seek to become addicted to it. That's like seeking to get addicted to the pain killer you're taking."
posted at 15:50:37 on January 26, 2013 by BeClean
Are you kidding?    
"If not, Why are you asking us?"
posted at 17:39:56 on January 26, 2013 by Anonymous
Would you please clarify...    
"so you're not gay?"
posted at 17:40:44 on January 26, 2013 by Anonymous
From JR (Unable to access account)    
"I can't login and am waiting to hear back from the admin.

Sorry, I shouldn't have expected people to be anatomy experts :P . Urinary problems are SYMPTOMS of my prostate issue. That's how it works. And of course masturbation is not a cure, but it can contribute to alleviation of inflammation and symptoms. Two unaffiliated doctors have recommended I do this, including the University student health physician. And to KICK IT, it's a little scary you think you know so much more than doctors (we aren't christian scientists), and of course the first thing they did was test for infection. No infection, so I won't be taking the wonder drug antibiotics. I've had a few other tests, and mb is among the recommendations from my doctors (along with a pill). They said it is important. Also, a bodily process is a medical thing, and breaking the covenant and vows of marriage would NEVER be. I stand by that.

But alas I certainly did not post here to receive medical advice nor a diagnosis. It's just that so many myriad people are such (problematically) prolific masturbaters. And with my opposite problem, I am having a difficult time. I don't know what advice to seek exactly but am looking to see what wisdom people have to share with me.

And no, I don't have any SSA."
posted at 21:16:42 on January 27, 2013 by Anonymous
I stand by my comments    
"I'm sorry if these lovely anonymous posters (have I mentioned I hate the anonymous posting system? thank you for identifying yourself, JR) were so rude to you. I still think my comments were on point. Prostate issues can surely be helped by masturbation, in my understanding, but not urinary issues.

However, that does not mean masturbation is the cure all for your prostate, and I don't think you need to worry, if you feel like it's a struggle for you to get it done every so often. Don't worry about it. Don't try to do it more than you feel comfortable.

I repeat: I would strongly recommend you don't seek to become addicted to it. That's like seeking to get addicted to the pain killer you're taking."

Good luck, my friend."
posted at 21:35:56 on January 27, 2013 by BeClean
From JR    
"Thanks for your response. I just can't see this ever being something I'm addicted to, but I will try to make it a habit as opposed to an addiction. Like brushing my teeth. I think that both can be things that I habitually need to do, yet they arent destructive so they wouldnt be called addictions."
posted at 23:07:08 on January 27, 2013 by Anonymous
Kick It    
"Is it OK for me to use morphine? Just for fun? No. That would be completely against the commandments of God. (Word of Wisdom)

What about when a doctor prescribes it?

Is it OK for me to drink alcohol? No. But what if it is in my medication?

What if a doctor must examine your sperm/semen? Is it OK then to provide some?

Can you please provide scriptural support or support from modern prophets for what you are saying, that masturbation is NEVER okay, "even when prescribed by a doctor." Has anyone ever said that? If so, I will back down--even though the word of one prophet does not church doctrine make.

JR's doctors are not the only ones saying that frequent ejaculation can prevent prostatitis (and later prostate cancer). I have heard it from other doctors. It makes sense. The prostate is intended BY GOD to produce semen and ejaculate. For a few men (very rare in young men), if they don't use it for its intended purpose, the prostate becomes infected.

Put yourself in this young man's shoes, if you can.

Prostatitis is a painful, frustrating, sickening infection for a young man to have. It causes fevers, vomiting, blood in the urine, painful and frequent urination, and several other complications. And this young man does not have a wife to help him prevent it, as you and I do.

Now, for a sex/lust addict, it might be wrong to use masturbation as a medical prevention, just as it might be wrong for an alcoholic to use medication containing alcohol. Such people should probably plead with their doctor for another method of treatment, if available.

But non-addicts don't need to be so afraid of medical prescriptions, in my opinion, unless they find themselves becoming addicted. But just because a form of medication may be addictive does not mean that EVERYONE should avoid it completely. Such a prohibition would rule out most modern medication.

JR, perhaps it's not right for you to come here and ask addicts how to become a little more addicted. No one here wants that for you. Rejoice that you do not suffer as we do. (I'm sure you have your own problems you wish you didn't have.)"
posted at 01:25:09 on January 28, 2013 by BeClean
From JR again    
"Thanks, BECLEAR. Also I have more of a chronic inflammation thing rather than an infection.

KICKIT, you have a tragically inflexible mind. I'm not rationalizing a reason to do it; mb is not something I'm interested in, remember all the way back from 2 posts ago??? Some day if you somehow accidentally ingest a lethal dose of methanol, I'd be curious whether you'd be willing to cure yourself by getting drunk-as-a-skunk (the only treatment). Getting drunk is wrong, but..."
posted at 17:58:12 on January 28, 2013 by Anonymous
"OK, if you can masturbate without lusting, than go for it!
Again, why are you asking us for advice?
Why do you keep reminding us you don't struggle with same-sex attraction?"
posted at 19:40:36 on January 28, 2013 by Anonymous
"I hope this helps. For those who have not experienced prostatitis, you may not be able to relate.

I have also faced issues with prostatitis and urinary problems. Just a bit of background about me, a little before turning 12, I started masturbating until ejaculation. I continued to do this at least a couple times each month until I found addiction recovery right after my mission and learned to stop. While masturbating regularly, I never had prostate issues.

If I have no ejaculation for longer than about a month, I often develop some form of prostatitis. The symptoms for me are that I continue to dribble drops of urine for several minutes after urination, my prostate gets sharp pains when I stand up or sit down, my urine comes out in two or more streams, and I sometimes have a creamy fluid that leaks from my un-erect penis as a bowel movement passes by my prostate when I use the toilet (this is not an ejaculation, it does not feel good, and i do not feel muscles contract the way I do when I have an orgasm.)

The main solution for this problem is to ejaculate. The first time I went 4 months without ejaculation and then masturbated, the orgasm brought very sharp pains to my prostate. I masturbated the next day and the pains were lessened. I masturbated again after that, and then it felt fine. If I masturbate weekly, then I never face any of these issues.

You may be able to overcome prostatitis without masturbation. I once went eight months without an ejaculation. One tip is to boost how much water you drink. Also, learn how to do Kegel exercises for men. This seemed to help me a lot, and I believe it prevented the problem. Taking Tribulus made a big difference for me too, but it also increased my desire to masturbate.

If you want advice on how to make masturbation better, then I could tell you a few things, but honestly, I don't want to give any ideas to people who are trying to recover from masturbation addictions. There are tons of sex experts who give out advice on how to masturbate, it shouldn't be difficult to find their web sites. This is really not the place for that."
posted at 00:46:10 on January 30, 2013 by ETTE
From jr    
"Thank you ette, your symptoms sound very similar to my own. What a pain in the... butt."
posted at 22:16:34 on February 14, 2013 by Anonymous
"To the pack of sicko's that think to masturbate you have to be committing some sort of lustful thoughts, that is bull crud. I first discovered what my wonderful female body could do at age 12, when I started rubbing those first few pieces of hair. Then a friend 'clued' me in on a couple of things and I could hardly wait to get home. It was until I was 14 at YW, that some wrinkled up old bat, that probably had not had sex for 20 years, told me it was a 'sin' to do that. Really? I kept on doing it anyway.

BTW, masturbating while on your 'monthly' is wonderful. The orgasms help push things along and it helped with the pain of cramping."
posted at 09:58:00 on February 16, 2013 by Anonymous
"Our prophets have told us that masturbation indicates slavery to the flesh. It is not a heinous sin as fornication or adultery, but we as Latter-Day Saints are seeking a higher road. Our prophets have said it is a practice we should avoid.

You can heed the counsel and receive the blessings or choose to not obey."
posted at 00:58:38 on February 17, 2013 by Anonymous

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