Step 1 Question
By they_speak
1/9/2013 3:29:51 AM
How do you guys and gals go about exercising step 1? Just curious if there are any ideas I haven't heard of. I'm open to both theoretical/psychological exercise and practical/actual work.


"In SA, my sponsor had me write out my entire sexual history and explain it to him and 2 other people. But I explained it in a way like I would to a bishop. Then I got to destroy the stuff I wrote so, symbolically, it wouldn't have power over me anymore."
posted at 04:38:59 on January 9, 2013 by G1rlie
"Did mine, anew, Monday. Sucked."
posted at 04:57:49 on January 9, 2013 by they_speak
Oh, man...    
"How many times have you had to do this? Argh!"
posted at 07:13:48 on January 9, 2013 by G1rlie
Oh, man...    
"How many times have you had to do this? Argh!"
posted at 07:14:17 on January 9, 2013 by G1rlie
2 parts    
"There are 2 parts to step 1:
1) admit that you are powerless
2) admit your life has become unmanageable

The way that I worked on (and continue to work on) step 1 are I made those 2 topics the topics of my personal study in the morning. Then, throughout the day, I paid attention to how I was trying to manage my life. I kept finding myself trying to deal with the addiction through various rules while leaving out God's help. Even when I felt I was relying on Him, it was still very superficial. I also read stories in the AA book and related myself to them and asked myself, "do I still feel like I can overcome this on my own? I had to realize that I couldn't - and it had to be a deep realization.

The combination of studying about it, taking a daily inventory on those 2 things, and praying that those 2 truths would sink deep into my soul helped me do it. I'm on step 11 now, but I still think about step 1 almost daily. It really is a daily decision to be honest with yourself and with God. Admitting these things is hard, it initially takes a toll on the old ego, but it unlocks the power of God in your healing."
posted at 08:20:22 on January 9, 2013 by recovery.gdo
I think    
"...most people only do it once. I just wanted to start over. I also had some new stuff on my list.

I like the daily inventory to check myself when I'm trying to manage my life gdo. It's weird to because giving up on managing the impossible is such a relief yet as soon as im not paying attention I'm back at it. Maddening. Literally."
posted at 12:21:01 on January 9, 2013 by they_speak

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"Now, my brothers and sisters, let not Jesus’ redemption for us stop at the immortalizing dimension of the Atonement, “the loosing of the bands of death”. Let us grasp the proffered gift of eternal life! We will end up either choosing Christ’s manner of living or His manner of suffering! It is either “suffer even as I”, or overcome “even as [He] … overcame”. His beckoning command is to become “even as I am”. The spiritually settled accept that invitation, and “through the atonement of Christ,” they become and overcome! "

— Neal A. Maxwell

General Conference May 1987