Profound Link about SSA
By SimonLeper
11/29/2012 11:26:01 AM
If anyone struggles with any for of same sex attraction (SSA) then I definitely recommend reading this article. This is truly brilliant. />
Notes from the study:

"Shame is a double-edged sword; it cuts the person off from both self and others. The shamed self feels humiliation and believes it is defective, insignificant, and worthless. Homosexual acting-out, as a narcissistic function, seems to promise the opposite of those negative feelings: i.e., attention, admiration, adoration and masculine reassurance. It seems to offer...

A reparation of depleted masculinity and personal weakness
Intimate contact to reassure against the painful isolation and alienation which characterize the shame experience.
Special attention and positive regard-a specialness (narcissistic reflection of the self) that mitigates deep feelings of humiliation, defectiveness and insignificance.
Reassurance that he truly does possess a worthy male body.

But these promises always fail to deliver. A 21-year-old client put it this way:

"I've always asked myself why all these other distractions don't satisfy. The whole power of the fantasy is that I'm not good enough. All that I seek, everything I do, is to keep me away from the feeling of inadequacy; that I'm nothing.

"The empty pleasure of porn is like every other anesthesia; it dulls life. Its roots are in darkness.... It's a pleasure that closes off life; [with] a turning-away from relationships.....

"What makes me want to do it is a greater emptiness beneath, an emptiness that is a condemnation about me. This pleasure temporarily defeats that condemnation."


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