Day 14
By Malibu
11/7/2012 3:46:43 AM
Meeting with Bishop tomorrow, made it to church twice in a row. Worse thing I've done is entertained an inappropriate thought too long without really realizing it at first. Once I caught it I was ok. Also my dreams seem a bit more sexual this week. But still haven't acted out. Something different so far is I'm being much more careful not to even poke around the edges of trouble. In fact that what I've been able to repent of last two weeks instead of porn and mb. Feels like a positive step. Something really weird... Temptations have been surprisingly easy these 14 days. Not sure why... Is satan just waiting for right time? I know it's not this easy. So far though it has been. And yes I'm knocking on wood. Just a little confused.


Keep it up!    
"Hey Malibu,
Congrats on the milestone 12 days ago, hopefully you're on day 26 now and still holding strong. I remember when I first really starting making progress, the first 10 days were pretty easy because I was on a high of recovery, but that slowly diminished as the pains of life returned. After that, there was a period of 2 weeks with some of the hardest temptations of my life. Satan knows the best times to attack. Don't think it's just gone away or you're done with it. It's not a question of if but when the stronger temptations come along. So keep strong and aware of the little things so you won't get caught off guard by a bigger thing. Also, feel free to visit my blog at for something else to do to stay in recovery, I'd be happy to help. Good luck!"
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"I have come to know that thoughts, like water, will stay on course if we make a place for them to go. Otherwise, our thoughts follow the course of least resistance, always seeking the lower levels. Probably the greatest challenge and the most difficult thing you will face in mortal life is to learn to control your thoughts. In the Bible it says, as a man ‘thinketh in his heart, so is he’ (Prov. 23:7). One who can control his thoughts has conquered himself. As you learn to control your thoughts, you can overcome habits, even degrading personal habits. You can gain courage, conquer fear, and have a happy life. "

— Boyd K. Packer

BYU, Speeches of the Year, 26 Sept. 1967