Another Update
By will
7/30/2012 5:15:02 PM
Like the saying goes: it's not supposed to be easy, but it will definately be worth it. I referred to a moderate slip about six weeks ago. It took a few days to get totally back in controll. Then everything was very good for about five weeks. I think complacency is continuing to be a problem. The end of last week was a bit of a problem (going out of my way a few times to look at some bikini models). Nothing terrible, but incredibly dangerous. It is a very short step from there to much worse things. Sunday was great and I feel I'm back on track.

I just listened to Jeffery R Hollands talk from April 2010 Conf. I highly recommend it. It is about overcoming addictions (among other things). May the Lord continue to bless each of us in our efforts!


Way to go!    
"Awesome that you're back on track! Keep it up!"
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"Freedom from your transgression will come through sincere faith, true repentance, willing obedience, and the giving of self. Why the giving of self? Because selfishness is at the root of your problem. Where selfishness and transgression flourish, the Spirit of the Lord can’t enter your life to bless you. To succeed, you must conquer your selfishness. When your beacon is focused on self, it does little more than blind your vision. When turned outward through acts of kindness and love, it will light your path to happiness and peace. "

— Richard G. Scott

General Conference May 1990