Ending the affair
By Girlie
7/24/2012 11:53:09 AM
I've read that most affairs end when they've run their natural course, whatever that is. The disadvantage of this is that the marriage is damaged more than it would be if the affair partners just abruptly broke up. Also, I've read that the reason given for breaking up (after the affair has run its natural course) is to do the right thing. But the real reason is usually because the affair has become more trouble than it's worth.

This affair has lasted for over 2 years. How much longer would the natural course be? 3 years? 12 years? :(

I'm seriously wondering if I can handle just breaking up with GM. I'm seriously wondering if for me, I'm just going to need to let this affair run its course. Why? I keep telling myself, "How can I let him go when I love him?" Yes, I realize that this "love" is probably just "lust". Nevertheless, the feelings I have for GM are so strong. I haven't figured out to successfully break up with him and survive. Last time I tried, I took so many sleeping pills. I don't know. It's just so hard. What a mess I've gotten myself into. :/


Oh, man...    
"Once, I broke up with him over the phone and I cried and cried and cried. Then I buried my phone and a picture I had of him with a note. The note said, "Dear God, I give away all of my sins to know thee."

Yeah, this was a good attempt. Then I unburied the phone 3 days later. Fail. :/ Maybe I have to prepare myself inside to do this somehow. I've got to figure out how. :/"
posted at 14:40:49 on July 24, 2012 by Girlie

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